Tuesday, May 11, 2010

McCain Wants To Complete The Danged Fence

In an attempt to out-right-wing his right-wing competitor for the Republican nomination in Arizona John McCain is trying really hard to get tea party Republicans to vote for him:

McCain's campaign insists that his enthusiasm for a border fence in this ad is consistent with his stated views on the issue in the past but this excerpt from a 2007 Vanity Fair article about him makes me wonder:

...in Milwaukee, in front of an audience of more sympathetic businessmen, McCain had been asked how debate over the immigration bill was playing politically. “In the short term, it probably galvanizes our base,” he said. “In the long term, if you alienate the Hispanics, you’ll pay a heavy price.” Then he added, unable to help himself, “By the way, I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”
So apparently he's now decided that pandering to that galvanized base is way more important than not alienating those Hispanics, at least in a hotly contested Republican primary. Remember when people used to talk about John McCain's integrity without laughing? Sad and pathetic.



Kevin Robbins said...

"It'll work this time."

Scariest words ever spoken.

Leslie Parsley said...

The sheriff isn't from Nogales but from a county over 100 miles north.


B to the D said...

douchiest thing ever

Unknown said...

They may be the scariest words ever spoken, ex DLB, but the years I lived down along the border were the scariest 3 years of my life.

The new bill has alienated the Hispanic population, according to all of those against the bill. I am undecided on how I truly feel about this bill, but that's not the point at this moment.

The completion of the fence would allow those that we would need the bill for to stay on their "side" of the fence....as they should. It would also allow for the racial profiling (as every keeps calling it) to dim down, as the number of illegals entering into this country (more specifically, Arizona) would be diminish drastically.

I don't think he has the wrong idea here. I think that it's ridiculous to change your tune, as he apparently has...but the point of putting up the fence...finishing it...I agree with. End a vast majority of illegal immigration in this country, quickly and nonviolently. At some point, our country has to take first place in our eyes. We need to start fixing our problems in OUR homeland...this would be a great start...I think.