Thursday, July 8, 2010

Electoral Sour Grapes Of The Day

Found at my conservative counterpart Donald Douglas' site American Power, just for the laughs. Now obviously the items on this list are mostly the product of fevered neocon dreams and callous fear-mongering but it was the declaration "59 Million Americans Didn't Vote for This" that struck me. Even if this were a list of Obama's political ambitions, who the fuck cares what those 59 million people voted for? They lost! Yet we're told to believe that this is how democracy is now supposed to work: the side that loses the election gets to set the agenda for the next four years (although to be fair, Obama and the Democrats have caved on a number of issues only to get a "bi-partisan" middle finger from Republicans time and again).

Well I'm one of the 69 million people who voted for Obama and and I think I speak for most of us when I say that we're quite happy to let him continue running the country. Here's a reminder for everyone else:


Kevin Robbins said...

I just know Don's going to come here. So, enjoy the shit taco, Don.

Good thing he's not Mexican or he'd be calling me a raaaaacist.

Green Eagle said...

Apparently it never occurred to these dimwits, but actually about 230 million Americans didn't vote for Obama- the 59 million self destructive fools that voted for McCain, and about 170 million people that didn't vote for anyone.

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

I remember what Bush was like. I remember what Bush I was like, and Reagan, and even a bit of Nixon. Ford, well, I don't know that anyone remember what he was like.

Yeah, they all sucked.

magpie said...

Socialism - i.e. anything to the Left of the KKK.
Statism - the idea that... oh forget it. It's just another hard-Right word for naughty.
Tax and Spend Big Government - yawn....
Broken Promises - Obama's daughters got their dog didn't they?
Trillion Dollar Paybacks - fuck knows what the idiot means there.
Lies - conservatives reserve the right to spread these.
Bailouts - to save the economy from collapses Republican policy created.
New Gun Laws - what new gun laws? Does he mean the ones introduced by Republicans to free up access to guns for any old psychopath?
Abortion - women are free people, not church-owned incubators. Get over it.
Propoganda - It's spelt 'propaganda'....
Amnesty for illegals - which ones? The ones falsely imprisoned after being born in Afghanistan? Good spelling though...
Bowing to Saudi Kings - Bush and family have Saudi dick so far down their throats they can reach behind and give them a tug.
Arrogance - THAT from the ideology that says any dissent from neocon thought is equal to treason.
Bankrupting our Country - by reducing the deficit that Republican faith tax cuts for the hyper-rich created.

59 Million Americans didn't vote for this?
Since when do neoconservatives give a toss what minorities think?

dmarks said...

"Bankrupting our Country - by reducing the deficit that Republican faith tax cuts for the hyper-rich created."

Actually, this is the second year in a row in which the deficit has been significantly higher than it was under Bush.


1) Obama is increasing the deficit, not reducing it.

2) The Bush tax cuts for all taxpayers (misleadingly labelled as tax cuts for the rich) helped the budget situation and the economy,

magpie said...

The debt went up by about average $550 billion each year from 2003 to 2007, and then increased by over a trillion up to end of financial year 2008. A trillion.

It will continue to increase for the next decade and you will blame Obama, because that's what you do.
Interest rates were of necessity very low in 2009 but are normalizing. As this continues half the accumulated debt will be down to interest, and half of that interest will leave the US for the foreign investors who are owed it.

Thus catastrophic mismanagement and deficit indifference during the Bush years coupled with the recession caused by lack of regulation have saddled the American people with a millstone that will only get bigger. And heaven help you if it is decided that the US dollar should no longer be the world's reserve currency, because then the interest will be higher still on your borrowings, a lot of which is to offset your trade deficit.

If you default or the US dollar depreciates, everyone will bail and America will be finished as an economic superpower.

Further you have accelerating maturity on your debt, which is partly why markets are so jittery and we could have a second dip.

You are in fucking deep shit. Eventually you're going to have to make a decision... Do you want a reasonable quality of life or do you want military hegemony, because you won't be able to have both any more.
The political Right has already decided on the latter. They don't believe in American prosperity in a total sense. They never have.
Obama is hedging, gambling that a return to producing instead of importing will change the game - even as the Republicans are doing everything possible to prevent that - for the sake of their own partisan political interest.

Good luck.

And don't forget to thank Bush and especially Cheney on their way to Hell for what they have left you with.

JBW said...

As I often state here, economics isn't my strong suit so: what magpie said, dmarks.

Kevin Robbins said...

Very nice, magpie. Let me say that I hope we de-imperialize gracefully. I'm sure the citizens of many countries would be grateful to no longer have our soldiers and marines "keeping the peace" in their neighborhoods.