Saturday, August 14, 2010

Florida Tea Party Candidate's Plan For Illegals

If only most illegal immigrants were also gay Muslims as well, then the political right in this country could really concentrate their vilification and scapegoating on one group of people rather than having to spread it so thin across so many:

It's a good thing there's no unfortunate historical precedent from the 1940's for the government rounding up a minority group and putting them into camps or else this woman might appear a bit callous and ignorant as it concerns her fellow human beings. Oh wait... Of course the federal government only imprisoned 110,000 Japanese during World War II while the current estimates of the number of illegal immigrants currently in country are around 11 million, fully one hundred times that amount. That's a lot of internment camps. If only we had a source of cheap plentiful labor to help us build Ms. Barker's grand vision of detention. Oh wait again...



Kevin Robbins said...

I still say we just split the country into a Red USA and a Blue USA. We'll take the Mexicans and they can take Palin and Bachmann. Like all recent immigrants before them, the Mexican folk (and others as well) that I see are some kinda hardworking. It's a cinch which half is gonna thrive and prosper.

Don't know if you've seen this. I think it might make a good Declaration of Separation.

JBW said...

Vishnu knows I'd take most Mexicans I know over Palin every day of the week ex DLB but even as backwards as they act sometimes I just can't endorse cutting the South loose. It has the best food, the most beautiful women, the toughest football, all stuff I love. Tell you what: I'll lose Florida, even though I love the OJ as well. Cut it off and let Cuba deal with it, I say.

Leslie Parsley said...

Perhaps prophetically, I've said for years that someone should take a chain saw and cut Florida off from the states.

But in S.C. you can vote for the nut DeMint or the nut Greene. Is this ever a comedy of errors?

JBW said...

Coincidentally Leslie, Nut DeMint is my favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I've offered Mississippi and Arkansas to many a righty. O I offered them to your old squeeze Grace Explosion chick JBW.

They want the kooks to vote for them. Not live with them. Our dreams of right wing secession may never come to fruition.

JBW said...

Again T101, I'm not advocating for secession or separation of the Red and Blue states. Without Mississippi Texans would have nowhere to gamble and without Arkansas... Kansans would have no one to ridicule.

OK, that's a bad example but I think my point still holds: there are too many good things about the South for me to cut them loose. I know and love many rational and even liberal folks from that area of the country and I could not imagine my life without them.

Plus: college football, yo! It's five months out of the year that make the other seven worth living for me. I'd never advocate the abolition of such a great American institution. I think the Founding Fathers would agree with me (if they'd ever heard of college football, which they hadn't).