Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Same "Mess"opotamia

It appears that the war in Iraq will be one of the central issues of the upcoming presidential campaign again. Can you believe it's been 4 years since we reelected that chimp and we're still stuck in this morass? The cartoon above is from The London Daily Express from Dec. 1922. The British were stuck there for over 40 years trying to establish some kind of sectarian peace and national unity between 2 sets of people who have been fighting each other for 1300 years about whether Mohammed's cousin or someone better qualified for the job should have been his successor after he supposedly flew to heaven on a winged horse. Something tells me that rational calls for peace and unity aren't going to persuade these people.

By the way, the British had a force ten times the size of ours per capita and they still lost the country after 4 decades. We're in a protracted war of more than five years with no end in sight that's costing us $2 billion a week against a faceless, amorphous enemy hiding within a population that would rather not have us in their country. Oh right, and we have a relatively recent historical precedent of failure at exactly what we're now doing. But I keep forgetting, the surge is working.

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Jeremy said...

Don't you remember? We already won the war. Ha It is a shame when we can't even learn from our own history books.
"I really think it's going to be different this time."

I feel we need to pull out and "cut bait" as I like to say. Or just move more in and call it a republic. Either way there are going to be a great many people who still resent our society to the bone. There is no easy answer, and many more will die but I am sick of American soldiers paying the price for poor planning.

(they're freedom haters, they hate our freedom)GWB

Gimme a break. Let them settle it between themselves.
Just my opinion.