Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Damn Good Question

Matt Steinglass asks it:

[H]ere’s my main question: what exactly is so hard about getting terrorists convicted in American courts? Under US law, even “providing material aid” to any “terrorist organization” is a felony...[A]re you seriously telling me that the Bush Administration’s torture regime has so thoroughly bolloxed the entirety of the evidence regarding detainees at Gitmo that we can no longer even prove they were doing anything to support any group on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations? Any such group whose actions have resulted in “the death of any person”? If we can’t prove that about these guys, what are they doing in prison?
We've had some of these guys in custody for half a decade now and they still haven't been charged with a crime. Was the original point of the Guantanamo Bay facility merely to have a black hole to throw potential troublemakers into with no future plans for doing anything else with them, effectively erasing them from the battlefield and the world? If so, the Bush administration should have told the American people as much when they were in power.



Tim said...

Ha! The Bush administration should have told us? Are you serious? This is the most secretive crime syndicate to be elected to office in our history. The whole point was to keep us in the dark.

Bushco was a systematic abuse of power from top to bottom.

TAO said...

By labelling them 'terrorists' we have already found them guilty..

Besides if they are brought to trial then you have to deal with the issue of how they were caught, trapped and captured....

Oh, and that leads to their treatment while being passed around the world from one regime to the next before being dumped in GITMO.

JBW said...

By all rights the Gitmo detainees should be referred to as "suspected terrorists" TAO, but that adjective makes it harder for right wingers to keep up the appropriate levels of hate and bile.

Good to hear from you bud, haven't seen you around here for a while.