Friday, May 22, 2009

Something Despicable Someone Else Said

"I'm betting the woman is a registered Democrat and voted for Barack Obama." -my conservative, and seemingly evermore ridiculous, counterpart Donald Douglas, American Power, commenting on this tragic and completely non-political story about an Albuquerque mother who suffocated her three-year-old son, then revived him, then suffocated him again before finally burying his dead body in a neighborhood playground.

Irrational dumb assery like this is why I can't even talk to the man anymore. Long Beach City College must be very proud.


Kevin Robbins said...

When I read the statement. I thought it was about the woman Mark Levin was talking to. I'm sure it would stand in that case as well.

JoMala "Truth 101" Kelly said...

He can lift his banning of me, but I will always be glad I called Donald a shithead. In fact, that's how I defeated him in our debates. To date, he still cannot refute his shitheadedness.

Kevin Robbins said...

Nice job on the sign. For a moment, I thought he might actually be holding one that said that.

JBW said...

I'd say you're both right about Don on both counts, fellas.

Van Zan said...

Why would anyone put the horrible murder of a child on their politically themed blog and then spin it for political meaning?
Why would a professor of political science feel the need to do that?


Faith-based conservatism satisfies itself that it acts morally by virtue of what it is. It's completely circular.
"I'm a conservative so I'm a moral person. You aren't... so you're not. The mother is evil. End and point of story. Ergo she's not a conservative."

Shall we reflect for a moment...
The Professor didn't give a damn about the quality of life of that little boy when he was alive. Or any child in equivalent or worse social peril.
Any social program that might have given him a chance would have been deemed by him socialist and corrupt.
Any attempt to rescue him from his abusive insane mother would have been deemed by him an act of state tyranny.

The Professor and those who share his ideological war against gays, tax breaks for the poor, access to medical service etc etc would quite happily let a million such children die upon the altar of their political beliefs. They don't care.

Then they delight in posting revolting crimes because it gives them yet someone else to hate and - God - do they LOVE their HATE.

JBW said...

VZ, the right learned long ago that hate of the other and incendiary social issues work better with their religious base than sober and rational policy discussions. The only problem is that in the last couple of elections they've been finding out that it doesn't work so well with the rest of America.

Which makes the insistence by Don and others that all they need to do to return to power is to move further to the right so baffling but I'm happy to let them keep nominating non-thinkers like Palin until they realize the folly of that strategy. Let's hope that takes a long time...

Tim said...

Wow. You know, I called Donald out on this about six months or so ago when he did this on a story about some black woman who microwaved her baby.

He can't distinguish that mental illness has no political bias. Except in his case, of course. He is truly an idiot and is incorrigible. Which is a shame, of course. I hate to see anyone go down this road of hate, intolerance, bias, bigotry, etc.

It is a duty to remain intolerant of the Michael Savages, the Anita Bryants, the Dan Whites, the Rush Limbaughs, the Mann Coulters, etc.

Add Donald to the list I guess. Now I am beginning to wonder if his doctorate was by mail order out of the back of Rolling Stone. You know, Donald was a raving liberal then, so it would make sense.

But what a waste of blog space. I simply won't go there and engage his dominionist base. These people will ensure we devolve back to apes.