Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beck Loses His Mind Over Health Care

Wow. Glenn Beck reminds me of that doughy, middle management type guy who everyone knows goes home and talks to his gun collection while he sits and stews alone in his house: You hope he's not going to come in to work and kill everyone some day but you also wouldn't be very surprised if he did. For the sake of his fellow FOX News employees let's hope venting on the radio releases some of the pressure:


Leslie Parsley said...

This is the grossest s.o.b. I've ever heard or seen. I watched him on another video today. He's a rude, despicable bully. And people like him scare the shit out of me.

JBW said...

I used to watch Bill O'Reilly for comedic entertainment PP but Beck clearly blows him out of the water. I've always maintained that reformed hard core alcoholics are strange people anyway but this guy leaves them all in the dust.

Unknown said...

As far as I know (or care) I am not related to this.... guy. If I am, too horrible to think about, I deny it and him

one L bill said...

I don't know how to do the healthcare thing. I completely agree with his sentiment that our healthcare is top-notch and we don't have to be in a lottery or some other waiting line or something. I have some friends living in London - one is a citizen now - who say that it's not exactly the best system. He got into some of the details with me and it made sense. But then, people like my mom are totally up a creek and without a paddle as they look at the future. So I truly don't know what the best answer is.

It's funny, though, that when my mom starts talking about her options with Medicare and Obama's proposals and all this, she is actually dreading what he is trying to do and feels like it works against her. I'm still not sure why she feels this why. I know she mentioned that he's talking about cutting into Medicare, but it seems that what he's trying to do is geared directly towards helping someone like her. It seems the people getting screwed would be your upper-middle class and high class.

I don't know.

JBW said...

I'm sure that Becks everywhere feel the same way, halnwolf. At least your beer is good.