Thursday, September 17, 2009

More DC Tea Bagger Protest Hilarity

I say "hilarity" but some of these people are much more scary than entertaining. The anger is very real (although as I've said before, quite obviously unprincipled) but what's truly disturbing are the levels of ignorance concerning basic knowledge of the policies and programs these people claim to despise. I assume that this is the logical outcome of getting all of your information about politics and the rest of the world strictly from Glenn Beck and FOX News:


[Update: A Daily Dish reader echoes some of the points I've been trying to make in differentiating between the left's eventual hatred of Bush for one failure after another over several years versus the right's relatively immediate hatred of Obama over every policy and program he's instigated thus far:

After September 11th, Bush's approval ratings were near or above 90%. Practically the entire country was behind him - saluting and ready for duty. Yes, the Left did try to derail his plans for Iraq - but they failed. And when millions (actual millions) of Americans came out to protest that war - - it was largely ignored by the media. But when 70,000 lunatics came to DC last week to protest "Government Spending" (which, let's be honest, is a euphemism for "Barack Hussein Obama") - they got massive amounts of media coverage and hours of pundit commentary.

Every tea-party rally has been aggressively championed, and all-but-sponsored, by cable-news giant FOX. CODE PINK was almost completely ignored (which, as a liberal, I'm kinda glad about -- but I still stand behind my larger point). A couple went to a Bush rally wearing anti-Bush T-Shirts and got arrested. Guys standing outside Obama rallies openly carry guns and get interviewed by the media.

The heaviest hitters in the Republican party, and in the conservative media have loudly and proudly called for Obama's failure. Liberals who even softly criticized Bush were roundly shamed and called terrorist-loving-America-haters. George W. Bush, despite the controversial beginning of his presidency, was given the chance - - no, in fact, after 9/11, he was given all the unopposed freedom in the world to succeed or fail based upon his own decisions and his own performance. Bush EARNED his hatred.

Obama has not had that luxury.

Sullivan adds:
He also does not have the luxury of the Clinton inheritance. He was left with a steaming pile of doo-doo and a debt already in the stratosphere. And yet they also blame him for that.
Ditto on the CODE PINK opinion, although Cindy Sheehan was extremely nice when I met her. This is why I have a hard time taking a lot of the criticism being leveled at Obama from the right seriously, and their recent attempts to inflate the number of tea baggers in DC last Saturday from the official count of 70,000 into a ludicrous count of 2,000,000 only reinforces this opinion (by comparison the count at Obama's inauguration, the largest crowd ever for any event in DC, was 1.8 million). My conservative counterpart Donald Douglas was calling him the "worst president ever" within a month of his inauguration, for Christ's sake! And yet even after all of this, they still scream and whine about their persecution at the hands of "the liberal media" and Obama's "ACORN thugs".

Again, I'd just sit back and laugh at such selective memory and obvious lunacy if the stakes weren't so high for the country but they are. The Republicans decided from the outset of this presidency to play petty politics rather than do what's right and try to help the American people during this crisis, and I'm getting pretty damn tired of it. I can only hope that Obama is too.]

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