Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Picture Of The Day

Found via my conservative counterpart Donald Douglas' site American Power, an apparently unauthorized advertisement by a Brazilian ad agency for the World Wildlife Fund. The lines in the upper right hand corner read:

The Tsunami Killed 100 Times More People Than 9/11. The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it.
Now the WWF has already publicly condemned the ad saying that their logo was used without their authorization but my boy Don knows that they're really just lying because his superneocon powers give him the ability to know that everyone on the left always lies about everything all the time, and especially when it comes to shit they hate because it's so patriotic, like 9/11:
But here's the thing: An ad like this is no big deal for the leftist establishment, and not just in Europe. This stuff is standard fare among the folks at Daily Kos, where they're known to celebrate "Happy Twin Towers Day." Moreover, in the non-shocker of the month, the Obama administration is busy with its push to eradicate the historical memory of September 11, which is alleged as a "Republican day and "an obstacle to winning over the hearts and minds of the American people."

So, forget this faux condemnation: The WWF ad is totally of a piece with both the ideological foundations of the global anti-American left AND the core agenda of the Obama administration's ideological program.
Yeah, why wouldn't the WWF authorize a deliberately shocking and tasteless advertisement that is sure to bring down an avalanche of condemnation on their organization from the citizenry of the country that is by far their largest contributor of time and money? It just makes good business sense. Don's explanation about the entire political left and every one of its affiliate organizations wanting to rape, pillage and destroy everything that is good and cool about America is much more probable than some dumbass working at a South American ad agency creating an insensitive ad and then screwing the pooch by releasing it. Don is smart.


magpie said...

"eradicate the historical memory of September 11"?
He actually wrote that? (I don't go to his blog anymore in case my modem catches duh?-disease)

... by talking about it in a shocking and tasteless way, and then talk more about how upset you are about it ....? Brilliant!
A no-fail strategy to make everyone forget the most documented event in history.

Professor Pathetic loses his last fingernail grip on reality.

JBW said...

I'm right there with you quietmagpie, but I feel the need to check in from time to time. It's like watching a really slo-mo car crash happen within another person's psyche while it's all catalogued digitally.

I'm sure there are others who would say the same about myself and maybe they're right but there you are, mate.