Sunday, October 25, 2009

FOX News' War On The Obama White House

This administration didn't start it and it's never been about "fair and balanced" journalism. Make no mistake: the anger expressed here is definitely real but it's not about principles. It's about having lost an election along with the power and control that accompany that, and now obstructionism and fear is all they have left:

Sad, yet still quite dangerous.



Eclectic Radical said...

And I see people I used to think as examples of 'sane, intelligent conservatives' abandon reality and jump on the right-wing bullshit bandwagon. It's extremely disturbing and the power to mold opinion that Fox wields really bothers me.

Fox is the natural outcome of a phrase the late Bob Lassiter once used to describe Rush Limbaugh... 'support group radio.' Rather than confront and debate those with whom they disagreed, Rush and his copycats filled the airwaves with material designed to make the most aberrant right wing nuts feel 'normal' and 'okay.'

Fox News does the same thing on a much larger, 24 hour scale on cable tv.

Leslie Parsley said...

Having worked in the media, I'm fiercely dedicated to Freedom of the Press. But I'm so bothered by the MSM siding with Fox. This is scary.

Eclectic Radical said...

Well, keep in mind... Roger Ailes worked for NBC (running CNBC and the predecessor to MSNBC) before setting up Fox News. Fox has all sorts of ins to the mainstream media. Brit Hume was a pretty serious newsman before he became a crazy righting nut-job for Fox. Greta Van Susteren was a serious journalist once. There are all sort of intersections and connections between the MSM and Fox. They aren't as different as you think... Fox is just more open and direct about the agenda being pursued.

Eclectic Radical said...

Best part, and I'm going to write on it sometime today:

People 'in the know' speculate that Roger Ailes is being pushed to run for president and may very well do it.

Leslie Parsley said...

I can't imagine Murrow, Cronkite, Mudd or any of that ilk condoning, much less supporting, the hatred and misinformation that Fox spews. They would certainly report it but most assuredly they wouldn't support it and would feel a responsibility to analyze it, putting it into proper perspective.

I used to have a lot of respect for Katie Kouric but think she has turned into a prissy tight-ass broad with no sense of journalistic integrity. The same applies to most of the modern-day media. Of course, they aren't all broads but they sure are smug.