Saturday, June 19, 2010

American Power And A Presidential Wager

My good buddy and conservative counterpart Don Douglas of American Power has been somewhat uncharacteristically critical of President Obama lately (and yes, that was indeed sarcasm):

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled weekend blog-programming to bring you this hilarious update on President Barack Jimmy Carter Obama. That's right, the dude's looking to be a one-termer. See, "U.S. Voters Split on Obama Re-Election in 2012." No surprise then that Republicans are just laughing at the president, who long ago abandoned bipartisanship to ram through the most unpopular legislative agenda in decades. I mean, if his congressional program was even a percentage as good as he claims, RINOs like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe would be helping the Dems avoid a filibuster...

Okay, now back to our more invigorating weekend blogging, LOL!
The video he posts and refers to is of Obama explaining how Republicans are holding up votes on various legislation in the Senate, which is entirely true but Don doesn't like Obama so anything negative about or aimed at him is a good thing in his eyes. I do however agree whole-heartedly with his version of weekend blogging, which consists mainly of posting pictures and videos of hot chicks amongst the constant Obama bashing, and I tell him as much before I proffer my newest wager:
Love the babes, Don. It's one aspect of blogging that I think you do very well.

Here's a thought: I'll bet you $100 that Obama... Sorry, I meant "Obambi" or "President Barack Jimmy Carter Obama" or whatever other extremely clever nicknames you're calling him lately, is reelected in 2012. Straight up: two men, a hundred bucks and a digital handshake. What do you say?

Yeah, yeah, I know that it's too early to tell either way and that you don't even know who the Republicans will run yet (Palin, please) or what the outcome of the earlier bet you refused to make with me is yet but again, that's what would make it interesting and fun and I'm willing to risk a paltry sum in that fashion if you are.

Plus if what you say about him is at all true or accurate, that he "long ago abandoned bipartisanship to ram through the most unpopular legislative agenda in decades" and that "the dude's looking to be a one-termer" then the odds should be in your favor, right? You certainly sound confident enough when you write things like that. I'll give you until midnight on America's birthday a few weeks from now to decide.

Think about it. And I'll take the liberty of writing this into a post to make it official just in case you decide to delete it. Cheers.
Based on our last interaction of this nature I fully expect him to refuse but in light of the myriad things he says about Obama and his apparent constant state of FAIL I honestly don't think that it's an outrageous proposal. I'll let you know what happens.


Kevin Robbins said...

Sounds like a safe bet to me. Course Don's not gonna make it despite the utter FAIL (and you can't make it big enough and bold enough) of Lord Obama. He may actually be working for food. Maybe you should make the bet for a ham and cheese sandwich.

I know it's way early, but who do you see as his challenger.

Sarah and Todd are just grifters. She's only going to run to up her speaking fees. Can't believe there are enough dupes to put her in office. Course I thought that about Reagan, too.

Mitt's a Mormon. That's enough to keep him out. Besides someone might point out that his health care plan was the same as Obama's.

Jindal's too brown for the GOP.

Haley Barbour was my pick. But, the oil spill just got him. He's out shilling for BP who folks apparently are not fond of.

The only one I kinda like is John Huntsman, which is the kiss of death, and Obama sent him to China. He's at least interesting. How many Republicans speak any other language let alone Chinese?

AmPowerBlog said...

JBW: I'll take a picture of my hand later and forward it. God, it looks nothing like this guy's hand shaking the white dude's hand. A pic of a crisp $100 bill would have been fine to signify a wager. You are obssessed with race. You don't see me as a man or blogger, it's a BLACK man or blogger. Calling Mark Wahlberg ...

JBW said...

The intent of the picture was to show a handshake, Don. No more, no less. Google images gave me a lot of alternatives. You're black, I'm white, so I chose this one. Trust me, it looks more like you and me than the ones with two black hands or two white hands.

And I'm not "obsessed with race", I just have no problem addressing and discussing the topic frankly. You see, this is why I refer to you as a parody of a right-winger: you sound like Stephen Colbert claiming that he doesn't know what race he is because he doesn't see race, he just sees people.

You're a man, you're a blogger and you're black. I have the ability to see you as all three at the same time. I'm pretty much the same except that I'm white. I make self-references to being white all the time, you do the same about being black.

Your problem seems to be whenever I reference your race for any reason, as if it's some politically incorrect taboo to do so. My acknowledging your race doesn't mean I'm obsessed with it, just that I'm comfortable doing so. A lot of black folks I know are proud to be black and would find your PC posturing to be both whiny and foolish.

That massive chip on your shoulder must be a pain in the ass to lug around all the time. Do yourself a favor and try to lighten up, dude.

JBW said...

Hey ex DLB, sorry it's taken me so long to answer your question (I got sidetracked by my 2012 wager). I'm actually feeling sleepy right now and I don't want to miss the wave so I'll be brief:

-Palin: Grifter, indeed. I would love to see it but suspect that I will not. Sullivan is convinced she will though, which gives me pause.

-Romney: I agree on both counts. America won't elect the JC Penney catalog.

-Jindal: WAY to brown for a party held in thrall to aging Southerners, although the BP spill is giving him good press as a can do guy so don't count him out. Wait, didn't he write an article about an exorcism he performed once? Count him out.

-Barbour: I'm no expert on the man but any friend of BP is no friend of nominations right now, plus Barbour seems like too much of a caricature of the GOP at this point. I can't see him being taken seriously.

-Huntsman: Seems like a pretty sharp guy and I'm impressed by anyone who learns Chinese (except for Chinese people, it seems to come easier to them) but don't forget: he also has the stink of Latter-Day Saints all over his person. Just to cover his bases though Obama exiled him to Long Duk Dong Province.

As for myself I really haven't put as much thought into it as yourself, other than asking Santa Claus for a Palin/Bachmann ticket for Christmas. GOP hockey cougars, youbetcha! I'm going to bed.

Anonymous said...

wait, wait, wait... Donald Douglas is black?

JBW said...

Only when someone mentions that he's black one L, then he gets to play his indignant race card. He still votes in lock-step with all of the white people in the Republican party thought (except when he does his own thing and votes in lock-step with all of the white people in the tea party instead).

Anonymous said...

No, really. I've seen photos of the guy. He does not look black. I'm calling him out.


How is this a black man?

JBW said...

He's half black, yo. Limbaugh has a name for Don, Obama and other folks like themselves. Yet apparently I'm the one who's "obsessed with race".