Sunday, June 20, 2010

American Power And A Wager Accepted

Yes, that's right: my conservative counterpart Don Douglas of American Power has accepted my wager (the above image has been changed to two white guys shaking hands because... I don't know, for some reason Don's really sensitive about being black or something and he hates that I know he's black I guess. You tell me; I can't figure it out) although he did attempt a bit more obfuscation first:

JBW: I thought you were done with the blog? It must be more than babes that keeps bring you back, LOL?

We have a bet, remember? I'll take a C Note if the GOP picks up at least one seat in Congress this fall. If Obambi's so great, the Dems should have no problems holding their majority, and in fact should gain seats. If they do, I'll pay you ...
Which I had to answer with some cajoling and good natured ribbing:
The entertainment value is just too good to ignore, Don. And I think I've addressed your "I bet Obama can't stop the sun from rising tomorrow" counter-bet before. This is a simple bet between two guys who disagree about politics. Nobody is going to think any less of you if you lose; losing publicly is certainly a risk I'm willing to take.

So I'm having trouble divining the reason for your slightly absurd behaviour on this count. Is it that you're just cheap? I could understand that but if it's the case just cop to it, don't make up ludicrous counter-wagers just to avoid throwing down a Benji.

You have until midnight at the end of July 4th to take the bet. Man up, man.
Admittedly this worked better than my usual tactic of taunting him and making fat jokes, although he's still having trouble letting go of his dumbass counter-offer:
JBW: We'll bet, fine, but after November. I'd be surprised by then if you still expect Obama's reelection, that is, after the Dems get slaugtered. Until, then, are you sure you don't want to shake on $100 that your party expands its majority in Congress this fall?. You seem so confident?
But no matter because the challenge has been met. I set the terms of our wager:
There's much difference between confidence and detachment from reality, Don. I'm confident that the Dems (they're not "my party" by the way, I'm an Independent and they are sadly my only alternative to Repubs in many cases) won't lose either of their majorities, not that they won't lose any seats. Midterm elections historically don't turn out like that and you know it. You're a political scientist: don't play dumb about poli-sci 101.

Of course I could be wrong about November and the Dems might get slaughtered as you predict. In fact, it was definitive predictions like that that confused me as to why you wouldn't bet on it but no matter: we now have a bet! $100 American, I'll take Obama and you'll take whomever the Republicans decide to run in 2012. With my guy destroying the country at such a fast clip all you'll need to beat him is a warm body in a suit, I'm sure.

You now have 2 years, 4 months and 18 days to convince as many people as possible to back your guy/gal. If I win I'm going to spend your hundred dollars on an incredible bottle of vino (I know a place where I can get Opus One relatively cheap). Oh, and good on ya for stepping up. You just went up a notch. See you in 2012.
And there it is. I'll be honest, I've had easier times talking women into sex than I had convincing this poli-sci prof who seems to be supremely confident that Obama and the Democrats are headed for a crushing electoral defeat to put a few bucks down on the outcome of a race but maybe I'm just losing my touch. I am confident that Obama will win reelection but as Don says it's still a long way off but as I say that's what makes it interesting. Plus I got some good advice from bad ass martial artist and tax dodger Wesley Snipes:

So wait, is Snipes a racist now or merely "obsessed with race"? I'm sure Don could tell me.


Kevin Robbins said...

Kudos to Donald for putting his money where his mouth is, as they say.

As I recall, the Dems got slaughtered in 1994 and then Clinton was turned out of office in 1996. Or do I not quite have that right? And I don't even see a candidate at the Bob Dole level.

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

Well, to the republican's detriment, they don't really have anyone to run who doesn't scare the hell out of everyone, even themselves.

However, the dems have another 2 years to prittle and prattle and pander to the republicans, so by 2012, enough might be ready for someone who scares them to death, but has some balls, to vote for...dare I say it?

Shall I say it?

Sarah Palin.

Ok, you can stop choking now :)

Leslie Parsley said...

Sarah Palin is going no where but home to take care of her children for a change - or to jail for ethics violations.

After watching a video on this card carrying nut running for AL Ag Commissioner I have no doubt that the Dems will pick up seats.



JBW said...

Most people I know would find campaign commercials like those insane Leslie but I suppose it plays well in AL.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I'm suprised Donald took you up on this JBW. I have a $20 bet with Left Coast Rebel that harry Reid will beat the right wing tea baging kook the republicans picked in Nevada.
I can't remember her name but she's a tea bagger so therefore must be a kook.

JBW said...

Sound logic, T101. And I don't know why Don decided to take this bet but not the midterm wager I proposed. One would assume that he would have a better shot at winning that one but perhaps there is something to Obama Derangement Syndrome (and I promised my self that I'd never use that term).