Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Advertisement Of The Day

This is a symptom of the "nanny state" mentality, on the political left and right, that I'm constantly decrying:

The forthcoming Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg flick The Other Guys may yet be riddled with pot shots from film critics. Poor Ferrell and Wahlberg -- on Muni, they can't shoot back.

While the official poster for the film features a maniacal Ferrell and the menacing Wahlberg sailing through the air, guns drawn, the version in Muni stations features Ferrell brandishing a vial of pepper spray and Wahlberg relying upon his bare fists. This is not a coincidence.

"Well, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency does have an advertising policy that states ads should not appear to promote the use of firearms or advocate any violent action," explains spokesman Paul Rose. You can read the stipulations against promoting "the use of firearms" and "imminent lawlessness or violent actions" right here.
Do we as Americans really need the agency in San Francisco that makes the trains and buses run on time deciding for us what exposure we should have to depictions of firearm use and violence? I love living in Northern California and The City's great but it does wear on my nerves at times. Be it instances like this or prohibition of illicit drugs or prostitution or gambling or even unpopular/offensive speech it all amounts to one thing: PC bullshit espoused by those who would tell you how to live your life because they supposedly know better than you what's good for you. Well, they don't (and this movie actually looks like it isn't half bad).



Anonymous said...

You know these guys were supposed to star in Kevin Smith's 'Cop Out', but the script got changed so much that they went across the street with an idea and a sack of jawbreakers to get 'The Other Guys' green-lit. I heard Smith talking about it on the radio last week. Pretty interesting interview.

I had no idea that Kevin Smith was responsible for 'Cop Out' either.

JBW said...

The fact that "Cop Out" was a Smith vehicle is the only reason I was even considering seeing it one L but Still think this one looks better. Morgan is hella funny but Ferrell truly slays me.