Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 Ridiculous Anti-Pornography Commercials

BuzzFeed has all ten but these three are my favorites:

Yes, pornography can be addictive and counter-productive to your life if used to excess, just like pretty much every other activity or substance in this world. But when used responsibly and in correct moderation it can also be extremely enjoyable and life-enhancing, just like pretty much every other activity or substance in this world. It's the people who are incapable of moderating or controlling their own actions and behaviour who are usually the ones leading the charge against pornography and other verboten activities.

If you don't like it then don't use it, but don't you dare tell me what to do with or how to live my own life. The anti-porn zealots have more in common with the radical Islamists we're at war with than the average American, and they have way too much political power and clout to boot. It's interesting how ideas like freedom of speech and the free market are suddenly not so popular when what they're promoting is something one does not personally agree with.



one L bill said...

I will tell you what to do AND how to live your life.

JBW said...

Just because your wife does it to you one L doesn't mean you have to bully the rest of us, buddy.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

What's funny and ironic is that almost everyone will nod there heads in agreement with this silliness. But when nobody is around, guess what's on their computor screens.

Life is easier when you just tell the self righteous guardians of our morals what they want to hear. You Porn isn't going anywhere JBW. As long as it's free, cheap enlightened folks will be happy.

JBW said...

I hear you, MKAGT101. I guess I usually tell people what I really think rather than what they want to hear, and you're also correct that doing the latter would indeed make life easier but I suppose I just don't roll like that.

Van Zan said...

Some months ago I saw a British documentary program on TV which was about so-called "porn addiction". I thought the term strange and quaint, especially as this documentary was produced with the same solemnity as a program about ebola or mass starvation.
Yes... watching porn 24-7 is no good. Like working, studying, drinking 24-7 is no good... but you've already made this point.

Anyway, the program followed the "treatment" of a pimply shy 16 year old kid from country England as he visits London - for the first time in his life - to speak with a psychiatrist (not to see Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London or anything...).

The psychiatrist is a prim mature age woman with the kind of stuffy patronizing voice that makes you want to listen to death metal or go for a long jog. She convinces this forlorn kid that he actually is "ill", and reasons that he watches this stuff not because he is a horny virgin with hormonal hell going on... but because he has unresolved social issues.

And I'm thinking "Jesus what a crock of shit, and you don't have to be a cosseted Bible-bashing twit from Utah to come up with this crap. All you have to do is not like - or pretend not to like - watching hot women enjoying sex".

She does a total number on him. Now whenever he wants to flick on the internet and relieve himself - pending such time as he actually has a sexual experience - he's going to think "oh I'm regressing to non-control of my rage at being bullied, this is all down to my social incompetence, I'm horny because I'm such a loser...".

The kid lived with his mum and older sisters. Nothing wrong with that, but the sense of female dominion was palpable.
I wanted to reach through the screen and pull the kid out and say "here have a beer, lad, don't drink it too fast. Now tell me... which of your mate's mums is a MILF and who has the best knockers in year 12? And then we'll talk football."

JBW said...

You sound like a good dad, VZ.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

You're fortunate that you don't care about your dentity getting into the hands of the wrong people JBW. I just had to shut down my local site cause too many people were fucking with me. Not in a good porno way. That's what sucked.

JBW said...

I've chosen to post my thoughts and views under my real name MKAGT101, principally because I do not have a job in which I will be persecuted for airing my beliefs online. I'm sorry that others have chosen to rob you of the same luxury.