Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beck On Defining "White Culture"

For those not in the know:

Yet now he can't even explain his own words:

You see, Beck won't define what white culture is because that would make too good a sound bite for Katie Couric but of course he knew that Obama hates it because that made a great sound bite for himself. This guy is pasty hypocritical performance art, at best.



Eclectic Radical said...

I don't think Beck always knows exactly what he does mean, which makes it hard to explain himself when he's nailed on it. I'd make a nasty crack about short-term memory loss or mental illness, but I actually think Salon.com went overboard in slamming him for being a druggie and a nutcase so I'll leave it alone.

From what I've read, he gravitated from top 40 DJ to talk radio sociopath because the latter was 'more fun.' While his philosophical and political convictions are clearly very strong, from reading what I could stand of his book and occasionally watching his show they don't seem terribly clear even to him.

Eclectic Radical said...

I tried to be funny again, I should note that 'druggie and nutcase' were not meant to be blatantly pejorative toward Beck (the second paragraph is the one that's supposed to be pejorative) but rather caustic toward the personally very nasty way Salon described his personal experiences with drugs and his past mental health problems. I dislike Beck very much, but I actually think they crossed a bit of a line.

CS said...

That is incredible.

It is hard to believe that these people are given a forum to address millions of Americans on a regular basis.

It boggles my mind to begin to understand why these tools are given this type of pedestal when some of the greatest thinkers and intellectuals of our time call America home.

Shameful really.

We have the odd glen beck and Rush Limbaugh here in Canada, but rest assured that they spend most of their precious time on the backburners of local radio shows to an audience of a couple of thousand people (at best) as apposed to millions.

If you get a chance, check out


Gives a good perspective of the general level of discourse in Canadian media.

Intrepid Californio said...

Well Beck is a dip dong for sure. But what if he's right? What if Obama is a racist? He wouldn't be the first one in the white house. It would for the most part be business as usual. Big whoop! All the same, I think any president is so busy that keeping whitie down is not even on the radar.

Eclectic Radical said...

Well, I'll take the huge risk of trying to be funny again...

I think any president who really had 'keeping Whitey down' on their agenda would find that bit of work so massive as to leave no time at all for health care, the economy, cap and trade, or education. It would be a full time job by itself.

JBW said...

Interesting how the conservatives continually point out that Obama is half white whenever being black makes him seem cool yet they also insist that he's hell bent on destroying Whitey at the same time.