Monday, December 28, 2009

Star Wars/A-Team Opening Credits Mashup

Why? Because I'm reaching the age now where everything that was once cool and significant in my world as a child is now being recycled, repackaged and repurposed to facilitate my growing sense of nostalgia as I slowly start to realize that I'll never be young again and plus, Hollywood really wants as much of my discretionary income as they can get no matter how shitty the resulting product (I'm looking at you, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra):

So yes, when the inevitable Transformers/MacGyver mashup is eventually created you will of course see it here first. Rest in peace, childhood.


[Update: Some bonus nostalgia I could share with my grandparents if they were still alive:



magpie said...

Princess Leia could have become one of the screen's great female protagonists of action sci-fi.
Not the totally awesome character that Ellen Ripley is, mind, but pretty cool nonetheless.

In the first flick she stands up to Darth Vader, Moff Tarkin, survives enhanced interrogation, watching her planet being blown up... and still looks as cool as a cucumber when Luke rescues her.

By the third movie she's Snow White. What was Lucas thinking?

JBW said...

As much as I love Leia magpie, you can't deny that she pulled one of the stupidest moves in sci-fi cinema history by leading the Death Star to the rebel base on Yavin even after she admitted to Solo that the empire was tracking them after her rescue.

Did she lack the knowledge to simply transmit the Death Star plans to the rebel base? And if she did (granted, not all chicks are tech savvy) why didn't she just ask Han to do it for her? At least Ripley knew her limits...until she was cloned as a human/alien hybrid of course.

magpie said...

I think the implication is that a ship can travel through hyperspace but a transmission cannot.

But then the question then becomes... how does the Empire track a ship through hyperspace since the homing beacon itself must be sending some sort of transmission.

But I stopped asking these things after I wondered why spaceships thunder and scream through space 'vacuum'.

Or why super-Jedi traitor Darth Vader couldn't work out he had captured (and was sticking needles in) his own daughter.

Pretty unreliable, the force is.

JBW said...

A wise Aussie you are, magpie.