Monday, April 5, 2010

Something Someone Else Said

"One more than Sarah Palin has ever given." -Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish, on Tiger Woods' open press conference at the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club today.


magpie said...

Tiger Woods, who wants to play golf and patch things up with his missus, questioned more openly than Sarah Palin, who wants to play grown-ups and have the power to end all life on Earth.

Hmmmm... don't like that at all.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sarah can't give press conferences because she can't. We know the reason, but her admirers pretend they don't.

Even when she was hoping to be elected the No. 2 Constitutional officer of the US, she never sat down unscripted with a serious journalist or interviewer.

She didn't because she is too intellectually lazy and uninformed to do even a passing job at it.

She's been able to translate her frothy superficiality into big bucks, thrilling the rightwingers with the spectacle of it all.

I love it when I read how the wingers say we on the left are so "scared" of her.

No fear here. I actually love to watch the side show that is Palin. She never fails to amuse us and always does or says something dumb.

JBW said...

Now that she has her cushy FOX News gig I'm convinced that she's done running for office. The wingers will plead with her to do so but I just don't see it happening. Why bother thinking and opening herself up to hard questions when she can just rant and rave unchallenged from her own media throne? She seems dumb but sometimes she seems not so dumb.

Doug"e" said...

Sarah's right were she needs to be. She's like a slightly vampy stewardess on a jet, shilling out cocktails to overweight businessmen who dream of cheating on their wives. She'll say anything they want to hear as long as she gets paid. Everyone is happy as long as she doesn't knock over the drink cart, but does anybody really want her flying the plane?