Monday, April 5, 2010

American Power And Arrogant Prosthelytizing

This is getting old. I understand now why most of my liberal/nihilist/whatever friends have stopped trying to engage my conservative counterpart Donald Douglas of American Power on pretty much every level of civilized discourse. It's not just his delusions that he constantly gets the better of me in our little back and forths (I see no need to beat my chest about it, you can judge that for yourselves) or his rank hypocrisy and faux outrage about anything he dislikes or disagrees with (you name it, and everything he includes in this category is always egregious and atrocious and his assessment of such is of course beyond dispute) or even the fact that he selectively refuses to allow comments on any thread in which he mentions me (what kind of blogger who's worth a damn even does that and expects to be taken seriously?) that annoy me.

It's the level of tone-deafness he displays in the face of any and all logic and reason. Case in point, "Living by Faith in God". I'm busy with other things at the moment so I'm going to make this quick:

I thought I'd postpone some of the JBW blog wars for a few days, but I have to say, for an Easter holiday, this guy packs some wicked demonic heat. Thankfully, Serr8d's on the case and has been peppering JBW with covering fire. And as you can see, the Brain Rage posts have become more whiny and impotent with each iteration, so the higher power's getting to this human defect, fallen temporarily though he may be.
Shorter Don: I'm bad, Don's winning, his god's helping him win.
JBW's responded as well to Stogie's photoshop, but my comments on that will go live tomorrow or Tuesday or whenever. Here I just want to elaborate the differences between myself and JBW, and perhaps he'll think through the scathing fires of the perturbations tormenting him.
Shorter Don: I'm bad, Don's good, maybe I'll realize that.
The differences are of faith, and that which sustains me, and the absence of The Good, which inflicts JBW for want of meaning and fulfillment. Here's a passage from The Strategy of Satan: How to Detect and Defeat Him, which is a pocket handbook for the Christian (blog) warrior, "Living by Faith in God": [A bunch of religious cut and pasting I'm not going to waste time addressing.]
Shorter Don: Don's good because he believes in a god, I'm bad because I don't, bible verses.
At seeing JBW's Easter sacrilege today my heart skipped at Satan's breath, and I fear the JBW knows not of his wayward travels to the underworld of death. He thinks he's cool -- that I'm an old man, a tubby has been -- and that he's got nothing to learn of the ways of grief and hardship and perseverance to the life of goodness in The One. Serr8d, in his rough manner, repudiates JBW's demonology, and that's when JBW recoils and pleads his divine tormentors off. We might say in regular terminology: "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." So, in fact it's JBW who should call it a day when beaten silly.
Shorter Don: I'm bad and in league with Satan(?), I'm young and naive, I'm still losing and I think there was something about Neo from The Matrix in there.
But however it's assessed, the boy has lost his faith, and thus he's lost his way in this world. (I know this from JBW's confessions of his parents love and values, and his rejection of them.) Perhaps a further comeuppance is due before change can be effected, but mysterious are the ways of the Lord.

More tomorrow, dear readers ...
OK, I'll spend a few moments on this last part: I've never had faith in any type of god so I had nothing to lose, and I reject the arrogant notion that a person is somehow "lost" without it. The values my parents taught me (which Don apparently completely missed the gist of in my comment) were to question everything in this world with a critical eye and to err on the side of logic and knowledge rather than that of superstition and wishful thinking. Rather than reject these values, I've embraced them as an intellectual philosophy. Oh, shorter Don: Don's not through beating me, his god is helping him do it, this ain't over yet. Jesus...


magpie said...

Running parallel to something I was just posting about today... the inability of those who do believe in God to respect that some other people just aren't interested, and are no poorer for it. And that it has nothing to do with Satan, Shaitan or whoever the fuck they believe in... we just conceptualize things differently, and are just as happy. Why can't they just respect that and stay out of our face?

Pivoting slightly from the subject of AmPow... I wonder what Grace would have to say about the Hutaree?

JBW said...

I'd wager that it's because a major tenet of most organized religions is that in order to be saved one must endeavor to save as many others as possible, magpie. This is how these organizations increase their numbers, thus increasing their money and influence, thus increasing their power.

As to Grace, one would hope that she would refute the Hutaree ideology as a good Christian. One would hope. And pivoting slightly from that: hope you had a good Easter, mate.

magpie said...

I did have a good one, thank you. Hope you did too.

Unknown said...

As I have demonstrated too many times, I generally don't read the comments to your postings. Similarly, I usually don't comment either. But, I cannot remain silent on this one.

Who is this don guy and more importantly, who does he think he is? As long as he wants to rant and rave representing this god he has created in his own image, then he can stew in his own filth. But, he has crawled out of his little pool.

Don: You are way out of line. I never met JBW's father. However, I do know his Mother. I know that you do not. If you did, you would know never to speak for her. Although she is not a Christian, she is the kind of person I wish more "Christians" were. She is a kind, loving and charitable person. She is open minded, and welcomes discussions and exchanges with those who may disagree with her on any issue. While not timid in expressing her thoughts and beliefs, she knows that in listening to others, she may learn something. She never has to put others down to make her point. She is always polite and sincere in her appreciation of the differences in all of us, whether it be mental, physical, religious and/or political. She respects all people and appreciates the freedoms we share as Americans.

She is a proud mother of all four of her children, regardless of their political, religious, college affiliations. How dare you presume to speak for her! How dare you challenge the way she raised her children or (again) presume to know what her aspirations were for them. Shame on you. You owe her and her family an apology.

JBW said...

Thanks for representing, halnwolf. Kiss my beloved momma for me.