Thursday, September 16, 2010

American Power And Don Douglas Hearts Juses

So it seems that my conservative counterpart Donald Douglas of American Power has acknowledged his recent Sasquatch FAIL, albeit without giving yours truly the requisite credit for the pwnage:

So "SASQUATCH ISRAEL" is really truly "SASQUATCH IS REAL." And there's even a website for that, on Facebook.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'm dumb.

I stand by what I wrote, either way.

That said, the towering intellects at
Sadly No! are all too ready to point out any discrepancies, throwing in a little snide dig at the "Juses" for good measure: "Don Douglas Hearts Juses."

Yes, I do.

But that begs the question: The brilliant leading lights at Sadly No! don't?

Actually, I'm not surprised.

Leftists hate moral clarity. And they hate Israel. We don't need a Sasquatch myth to figure that out. So, a hearty F*** You to the lot of you, assholes.
The boys at Sadly No! fail to link to me as well but they do give the hat tip to bjkeefe, who does in turn credit yours truly. I'm pretty sure however that Don knows who to attribute his newest FAIL to for two reasons: 1) this post is reminiscent of so many others in which he references me in that he's disabled commenting in the mode of an intellectual coward and 2) I left a specific comment on another thread at his site a few days ago that I'm certain he knows was me under the name "Sasquatch Israel", which he of course deleted, again in the mode of an intellectual coward. And how fucked up and myopic is his claim that "hearting Jesus"="moral clarity"?

To answer Don's question which should have been directed at myself however: no, I do not heart Juses no matter how brilliant a leading light I am. I actually think that he was probably a good guy and I like his style (except for the whole naive "turning the other cheek" thing, of course) but I do seriously doubt the veracity of his oft acclaimed magical abilities. My favorite part of this though is that Don stands by what he wrote, i.e. the whole Israel as persecuted mythical Sasquatch meme 'cause Don Douglas ain't ever wrong, even when he's quite obviously wrong. And I don't hate either moral clarity or Israel, although I do think that both have a rabid unthinking fan base consisting partly of simple child-like intellects. I also think that I deserve my very own personal hearty F*** You from the man. Fair's fair, after all.

[Update: Don has posted a follow up in which he ironically takes the boys at Sadly No! to task over grammar and spelling mistakes in an email. Still no mention of yours truly so I left a pithy comment linking to this post and politely asked for my F*** You. It was deleted and commenting was disabled shortly thereafter. I love this guy.]


Kevin Robbins said...

Don really is humor challenged along with a lot of other things challenged. The misspelling was intentional and he didn't see the joke in it.

I want to extend my sympathy to you, JBW, for not getting your F*** You. I hope I spelled that right. I'm not used to spelling it with *s.

We at AmNi and Brendan gave you full credit. Those pricks over at Sadly No got 537 comments out of it, though. Bastards. But we love our little corner of the web. It's like Cheers where everybody knows your name.

And yes I'm joking. I love the Sadlies and I wouldn't know what to do with 537 comments.

JBW said...

I mentioned the deliberateness of the misspelling in my comment ex DLB, which may have been part of the reason he deleted it.

Gracias for the cred, amigo. Yeah, I was a little disappointed that Sadly didn't give me the direct link but I also wouldn't know what to do with hundreds of comments. My policy of trying to respond to all of them would surely go out the window.

I'm toying with the idea of repeatedly commenting under the name "Sasquatch Israel" until Don finally relents and starts posting them but I doubt I'll have the energy for it. He's fun to fuck with but it also gets old very quickly.

bjkeefe said...

Oh, so YOU'RE the one who is to blame for preventing me from having some fun commenting on DD's new Don Surber fetish.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Now that I'm an ayatollah I wonder if Don will allow me back on his blog?

We both heart Jusus.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

On a related note, I got loads of comments at my previous blog. Most of them were haters that liked to call me a commie or teatsucking whore. It did stroke the ego to log on and see 60 or 70 comments though.

Bukko Boomeranger said...

I always spell the word as "Jooz". Except for when I'm spelling it "Juze". Which kinda detracts from the word "always" doesn't it?

Just to be clear, you're not talking about about Jeebus when you say "Juses" are you? Because Jeebus was born as onnathem Jooz, but he got cured of that. Because of his own religion -- imagine that!

JBW said...

Don doesn't suspend commenting exclusively for me Brendan but the majority of the posts in which he mentions me seem to be so. He'd rather maintain control of the narrative than have to debate points he can't defend. Have fun over there.

JBW said...

You're actually my favorite Ayatollah AT101, mostly because I don't know that many and most of the ones I am familiar with are religious wackos. Homer Simpson is the real expert.

JBW said...

I'm only quoting others when I write "Juses" BC, but it's all the same magic to me.