Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fried Frito Pie Wins At State Fair Of Texas

This is an inspired idea:

Some compared it to a rookie winning the Super Bowl MVP when three culinary novices swept the Best Taste award at the sixth annual Big Tex Choice Awards yesterday.

The creators of Texas Fried Frito Pie beat out the competition to take the prize at the Texas State Fair, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The team was made up of Michael Thomas, the originator, Richard Roznowski, the motivator and Jeffrey Lovel, the facilitator, all of whom had a hand in creating the Texas Fried Frito Pie -- balls of cheese and chili rolled in corn chips and then battered and deep friend -- and getting it to the fair.

"We're all big time fair-goers. I probably go six or seven times a year, which for a 3 week fair is a lot. We'd been looking for a classic fair food that hadn't been done fried, and Frito pie just made sense," Lovell told Slashfood.

The trio tried many brands of chili, chips and cheese before settling on Texas Chili Company's chili and a "basic" cheese and chip, Lovell said. "We combine and the chili and the cheese and then we surround it in chips and then we freeze it and then we batter it and fry it."

They spent about six months on the recipe, the Morning News reported. "We had to increase our exercise considerably," Roznowski told the paper.
Since moving to California nobody I've met has ever heard of Frito pie, a staple of Texas cuisine, except for one chick who grew up in Arkansas. The Creativity Award was won by deep fried beer, essentially beer inside ravioli shells. I can't say that I particularly relish the thought of hot beer exploding in my mouth but I'm definitely pining for that basket of deliciousness pictured above.

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Anonymous said...

No kidding. Frito pie is the greatest. I was shocked this hadn't been done yet.

I'm assuming the beer will be cold. The Fried Coke and Fried Ice Cream are both served cold.

I don't know if I ever reported back about this, but the Fried Butter (last year's winner) was actually awesome. It was more like a Fried Biscuit or something. VERY tasty indeed.

Looking forward to the Texas State Fair, as always...

- oneL

JBW said...

I envy your proximity to all of this incredible cuisine, one L. Apparently the beer is indeed hot: here's a blurb about it.

shansmith said...

I am so excited about fried frito pie!! Fried butter was also soooo good. I am probably going to get Fried frito pie, butter, and ice cream this year. You should come down at that time so you can eat the fried goodness with us!

JBW said...

I'll fly out to eat fried food with you guys anytime you want, sis. You and your husband are going to pay for the plane tickets though, right?