Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clinton Wins West Virginia

No big surprises today; in fact, the pundits have literally known for months which way this one was going to go. A Southern state full of uneducated white people is custom made for a white woman married to the most popular, modern Southern politician and running against an educated black man with an extremely Muslim sounding name.

Not surprisingly, exit polls show that a full 25% of Clinton voters admitted that race was an important factor in their vote, and that's just the ones who actually admitted to it. Now I'm not saying that all West Virginians are deliberate racists; I'm just saying that a significant portion of West Virginia let racism deliberately influence their votes.

A fellow at Right-Thinking from the Left Coast (a site I only know of because they also linked to this blog during the Daily Dish influx) had this bitter, yet spot on prognostication:

Jesus, another primary? It seem like we’ve had 57 of these. Rather than comment on any of the remaining primaries, I’ll just preprint the Clinton Spin and you can fill in the blanks:

Senator Clinton’s stunning __-point win in __, despite having been outspent __-1 by the Obama campaign once again demonstrates that she is the only viable candidate for the November Election. Clinton has consistently won the hard-working, blue-collar white voters who are the backbone of this great nation while Obama just wins the latte-sippers and black people who are going to vote Democrat no matter what. We look forward to seating the Michigan and Florida delegations at the convention. If Barack Obama is very nice, we might let him stay a senator.

I'm no longer worrying about these kinds of landslide victories for the Clinton camp. West Virgina had 28 delegates up for grabs and even with her significant margin of victory, she'll only end up with 20 at the most. If you haven't yet heard, Obama has already picked up the endorsements of 27 super delegates in the last week, thus negating her apparent win tonight by far.

She has now taken on the dual rolls of sore loser and understudy for the democratic nomination: someone who doesn't know when to give up gracefully because there's always the outside chance that Barack Obama could be hit by a runaway bus or that he might rape a white woman on live TV, thus delivering the nomination to her by default. Barring these particularly heinous developments, what else could she realistically be expecting to save her?

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Anonymous said...

I have sooo given up on this. I couldn't be less interested anymore, and that's saying something.