Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sulu Beams Up Husband

Following the recent ruling by the California Supreme Court reversing the ban on gay marriage, George Takei has announced that he and his partner of 21 years are to wed. Some telling words from his website:

As a Japanese American, I am keenly mindful of the subtle and not so subtle discrimination that the law can impose. During World War II, I grew up imprisoned behind the barbed wire fences of U.S. internment camps. Pearl Harbor had been bombed and Japanese Americans were rounded up and incarcerated simply because we happened to look like the people who bombed Pearl Harbor. Fear and war hysteria swept the nation. A Presidential Executive Order directed the internment of Japanese Americans as a matter of national security. Now, with the passage of time, we look back and see it as a shameful chapter of American history...With time, I know the opposition to same sex marriage, too, will be seen as an antique and discreditable part of our history...
Since I moved to California, I've met many people who were affected by the internments of World War II. Having happened so long ago, it's not something that people my age really think about in other parts of the country but then living here has opened my eyes to so many different experiences and points of view. I don't know if this ruling will be overturned by the voters in November but I sincerely hope not. I've always said that homosexuals deserve to be able to get married and become just as miserable as the rest of society; it's only fair.

On a side note, you wouldn't believe how many Star Trek puns I went through trying to pick the best one for the title of this post; "Sulu takes relationship to warp speed" was a close second.

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