Friday, November 7, 2008

The Obama Dog

Different kind of dog than in the last video. If you haven't heard yet, during the campaign Barack Obama promised his two daughters that if he won the presidency the family would get a new dog; he mentioned it during his acceptance speech and was asked about it during his first press conference, where he stated that it was probably the most popular subject on his website. He spoke tongue-in-cheek about the importance of the decision and the problems they will face in making it: chiefly that they would like to adopt a shelter dog but because his oldest daughter is allergic it must be hypoallergenic as well, limiting their options.

Look, I know that these are real people and that their lives have had a national spotlight thrown on them and all of that but I don't plan on ever mentioning the obama family dog again because I just don't care; again, I realize that it's the kind of human interest fluff that everyday people like to hear about famous and powerful people and I don't begrudge anyone their dog ownership aside from my next door neighbor, whose dog barks nonstop the entire time she's away from home. I just do not relish having to hear about this everyday for the next few months; this guy will be president soon and he has much more important stuff to be thinking about. Just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

A guy in my bible study had a great point. He maintains that Obama is a genius for making the kids wait until after the election to get the dog because now he doesn't have to worry about potty-training it himself. He'll have secret service and whatever other kind of helpers to take care of the dang thing for him.

So yeah. This dog thing is just one more issue that shows his intelligence.

JBW said...

I was thinking: the Bush dogs have probably explored every inch of that place and most likely pissed on most of it. Obama's dog is going to cover that place in piss to get his scent spread around. Eww.

Doug"e" said...

When I read that you wrote:"the Bush dogs have probably explored every inch of that place and most likely pissed on most of it" I thought you were refering to the Constitution.

JBW said...

That's funny; I would think that even his dogs would have more integrity than that.