Saturday, November 8, 2008

What If They Gave A War And Nobody Came?

I was asked yesterday by a buddy if I was still pursuing my newly declared blog war against my right-wing counterpart Professor Donald Douglas over at American Power; if you'll remember, I declared a temporary cease-fire in light of his deciding that he wanted to take some time off from the blogosphere to lick his electoral wounds. But apparently the utter defeat of his candidate by the forces of nihilism and socialism was not enough to keep the old boy down and he's back doing his usual neoconservative two-step; the only problem is: I'm having a hard time caring.

His newly minted, pedestrian posts about how Barack Obama's election victory wasn't a landslide (no one of any repute on the left is making this claim) or how the gay wing of the Democratic party is being racist by blaming blacks for the defeat of Prop 8 here in California (black voters did oppose the measure by a far larger percentage than any other racial demographic but the gay rights folks aren't being racist by pointing this out; they're just being analytically ignorant because studies of the statistics show that the measure would have narrowly passed without the increased black voter turnout) just aren't that interesting, as evidenced by my parenthetical refutations in lieu of entire dedicated posts.

As I said in my declaration, I don't plan to focus a great deal of energy on this endeavour and my current level of apathy toward his recent quote-laden, plebeian screeds doesn't seem to be in any danger of changing anytime soon; to be completely honest I had a much better time hectoring the wingnut commenters on his site than anything else, many of whom refused to engage me in debate on subjects they themselves brought up even after I basically called them intellectual pussies and moral cowards in a public forum but I guess that just proves that one's balls can only get so big even if it's only virtually.

But who knows, perhaps Don will surprise me by actually writing something interesting/ ignorant/ offensive enough that it will pique my intellectual curiosity to the point that it would warrant a suitable volley across his bridge. Until then we'll just see how the posts unfold but hey, if you want to start a little online shit and you feel so inclined cruise on over there and beat some rhetorical war drums; call him out by saying that Brain Rage's balls are just too heavy and pendulous for him to lick. I'm not quite sure how I would expect him to react to that particular insult but it should at least prove more entertaining than his latest round of impotent tripe. Only time will tell.

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