Monday, November 10, 2008

Renegade Of Funk

Barack Obama receives his Secret Service code name:

(UPI) -- U.S. Secret Service agents have tagged Sen. Barack Obama with the code name "Renegade."

Obama, an Illinois Democrat and seeker of his party's 2008 presidential nomination, received the name in the time-honored tradition of giving "secret" code names to protected high-level dignitaries.

Obama's presidential rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., retains the code name "Evergreen" -- given to her when her husband, and former president, Bill Clinton became a protectee and was named "Eagle."

Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts was named "Minuteman" after winning the 2004 Democratic nomination, while former vice president Al Gore started out as "Sawhorse" but became "Sundance," though the reason for the change was unclear, The Washington Post (NYSE:WPO) reported Sunday.

President George Bush, a protectee dating back to when his father was president, is "Tumbler" while former president Jimmy Carter is "Deacon." The president's father, former president George H.W. Bush, is "Timberwolf" and Ronald Reagan was "Rawhide."

The code names are chosen for the Secret Service by military officials, the Post reported.


Jeremy said...

"Sawhorse" and "Sundance" both sound like "Mr. Pink" or "Flounder" to me, but then again the Secret Service picked them so they have to be cool, right? lol
I mean those S.S. guys could probably protect the "Renegade" from ANYTHING, and for that they could call me "Tess" if they wanted. Though I would hope for a call handle with more personality like "HorseCock" or "Peaches".

What's your S.S. call sign JBW?

JBW said...

As I've said before, Lance Thundercock is my preferred alias but I use the Clerks inspired sobriquet Rick Derris when I sign forms because it provides better anonymity. I guess I'd go with "Google" because I think it befits me but also because it reminds me of Seth Green's character in The Italian Job wanting to be called "Napster".

Anonymous said...

This kind of stuff fascinates me, but I hope it doesn't cause problems of national security.

JBW said...

As it does me and I feel the same way, which is why I looked into it before I posted about it; the Secret Service says that the secrecy of the code names isn't as important today as it was back in the day because of vast improvements in communications technology. Can't be a part of helping my man get assassinated, now can I?