Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Am A Guest Author

I was invited to join the American Nihilist (named tongue in cheek, of course) blog and have not yet done so but that has apparently not stopped me from becoming a guest blogger. repsac3 has reproduced my comments from one of my conservative counterpart's blog entries thusly:

(Is a writer considered a "guest author" if I cut & paste his words without asking?)

Well... It's too dang late now...

JBW of Brain Rage exposes the truth about Democrats and babies. It's on, people.

"The Democrats want a war on babies. I cringe at the thought of just being around people like Katha Pollitt, and for my readers with infants and young children, hold your loved ones close - you might have one too many for the state-planning mandarins of the Obama-Pelosi new age."

Well said, Don! You're right to try scaring your readers with this; Pollitt speaks for the entire left and now you've exposed our diabolical plan: forced abortions for whomever Emperor Obama chooses! China was just the remote testing ground for our culling program but we long ago refined our baby-hating agenda and were just waiting for the go ahead from "The One" (that's the secret code-name we've given him; shh, don't tell anyone) to launch the operation.

But now that the secret is out enough messing around: I want every reader of this blog to register with the Obama White House posthaste, informing them of how many children you have, their age and weight (fat kids eat more) and whether you are more willing to embrace communism or nihilism as your family's new religion.

Oh, I almost forgot: you'll also need to report to your local mosque to receive an "O" tattoo around your right eye, a la X-men: Days of Future Past-style (Obama's a comic fanboy, after all). It'll incorporate a tiny bar code that will have to be laser-scanned several times a day once everybody except Muslims and atheists have been rounded up and placed in their respective camps; the shit part is that you'll be painfully yet temporarily blinded for awhile every time you're scanned but the really shit part is that this was done intentionally, so as to fulfill Emperor Obama's decree that every law now be enforced "in a dickish manner".

I've been made assistant precinct captain for the local Christian internment camp here in the Bay Area but I hope to be running my own precinct by Obama's first State of the Soviet Union address (yes, that's what you're going to have to start calling it now). So let's get moving, people! This is the change we've been waiting for! Obama! Nihilism! Wooo!


(At least he doesn't let the baby out of the bath regarding "The One's" new book: To Serve Babies. I'm not sure the public is ready for that bit of "hope and change," yet. But soon, fellow nihilists... Soon.)
As far as I've seen, Don has not replied to my liberal taunts but I am eternally hopeful, and if you don't get many of the jokes about his site you can receive a healthy dose here. As far as being quoted without my permission: no worries, repsac3. I'm sure that I'll warm to your new venture as soon as I have the time to commit my energy. All the best, amigo.


Anonymous said...

Ruthless theft of other's bloggings is the nihilist way.

A moral culture warrior would never make up whole posts from copy and pastes of other people's postings.

Van Zan said...

There is no winning a debate on abortion... because essentially everyone is right.
It is wrong to end a life. Of course it is.
It is also wrong to say my precious morality is more important than your (pregnant girl's) choice over her own future - who is also "a life".
It is a terrible situation.

But the central assumption of AP appears to be that there is never, in any human situation, a moral conundrum.
There is always a happy answer from which "the good guys" all go home wholesome, righteous, and - most of all - powerful.

Further, expression of this is mostly found in viewing most of the rest of the world as Evil in concert. For example (latest mini-manifesto): "emergence of the United Nations General Assembly as a Third World power shop seeking to shift global resources and influence away from the industrialized nations of the global north".
.... ?
Apart from my issue that I happen to live in a prosperous zone of the global south... the essential meaning of that seems to be that no-one else has a right to influence or (global!) resources. In other words... fuck the foreigners and their search for a better life. All the world belongs to us.
- the US 'us'.

You as a reasonable person, who happens to have a different (i.e. adult) philosophy and worldview are, of course, welcome to make "comments and debate".... But not for an exchange of ideas so much as fodder for intellectual ridicule from a thundering height, unless you're a Bible-bashing dweeb who can only say "oh my sir you're so smart it makes me all warm inside to read this stuff".

Most common counter phrase: "you're wrong"
Not "I don't agree" or "I interpret this differently" or "Could we consider that..?". No. Forget that.
"you're wrong"...

Because there morality is a 2 + 2 = 4. God personally blesses every Israeli tank.
Life is good in the academic Eden out of the OC... and the darkening sky is just the sun and moon disappearing up Bush and Cheney's A-hole as they sink into total political ignominy.

I dunno, JBW, but you might want to let it go... One can make a very bitter lemon tree grow just by pissing on it.

(Cooler weather today. Maybe it will rain again some day. Water restrictions here starting to make Frank Herbert's Dune look like an aquatic playzone. Climate change? maybe not... maybe just a drought. Who can say?)

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

How do you rate JBW? You're a precinct captain and after 33 years of toil I'm still a grunt. My precinct captain had me going door to door Saturday aborting babies and taking guns away from honest citizens.