Monday, January 19, 2009

Caroline Kennedy: Some Thoughts

Up until this point I have refrained from commenting on the possibility of Caroline Kennedy being named to fill Hillary Clinton's vacated New York senate seat because frankly I just really couldn't give much of a damn. Of course, as with pretty much every other issue under the sun I have my thoughts on the matter: Is she smart? Obviously. Could she do the job well? Yeah, I have a feeling that she could. Does being a Kennedy help her get the job? What country are you from? Jesus. Does being a Kennedy help her do the job well? Depends. I would assume that growing up in a family whose life blood is politics would grant her a unique perspective from most other people, just as growing up in a family of doctors would give someone a better grasp of medical procedures and the field of medicine as a whole. Does being a Kennedy mean she should get the job over other better qualified applicants? Absolutely not.

However, the point of my post is simply this: if she was going to get the job, don't you think governor Patterson would have chosen her by now? I mean, what is he waiting for: her to use the phrase "you know" a few hundred more times? I'm just saying that this seems to me like every other job opportunity you've ever waited to hear the results of: the longer it takes, the worse things look. But like I said, I really couldn't give much of a damn as long as another liberal fills the seat. Plus I will soon have soundbites of Senator Franken to keep me warm at night, which is nice.


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

JBW: you're an educated man. You seem reasonable. To be a U.S. Senator you have to establish the residency requirements of the state you want to represent and be 35. What else is there that qualifies one to be a senator? I don't have a dog in the Kennedy thing. I don't really care as long as it's an electable Democrat. How hard is it to go to the senate floor and punch yes or no? The same deluded fools that say Kennedy has never held an office don't like politicians that have held office either.

JBW said...

Exactly, T101. The people who are getting excited about her perhaps getting this job either hate her unfairly because of her family or are celebrating her unreasonably because of her family.

Although I lack the ambition and the stomach for political office, I'm convinced that I could do at least as well in the senate as most of these lifetime politicians despite my lack of experience. Look at Ted Stevens and many others who are still saying and doing stupid shit despite decades of doing the same job. What counts is character and common sense and those are the qualities we should be looking for in our leaders.