Monday, May 18, 2009

My Favorite Movie: Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Maybe this is why I liked the new Star Trek movie so much (and yes, I've been too busy to write up a review. In short: go see it):



Tim said...

What a great popcorn film. I noticed the Star Wars references though, and could have done without Scotty's little ewok.

JBW said...

Word, Tim. I hope that scaly Ewok doesn't become the Jar Jar Binks of that franchise.

Van Zan said...

I saw this film, finally.... A story about a bald Romulan who has a big pointy spaceship and means to destroy Earth.
And to think, the Star Trek Nemesis was about... a bald Romulan who has a big pointy spaceship and means to destroy Earth.

Since Nero has been returned to the past, did it occur to him that Romulus 'still' exists and therefore his missus is there and he could go rescue her?
But now Kirk and co are committed to an endless loop: they must allow mature Spock to fail and Romulus to be destroyed. Failure to do so will mean Vulcan will instantly and retroactively recompose out of cosmic debris. Not to mention Kirk's dad.
hmm... Time travel... we shouldn't mess with it, really.

But I enjoyed the film anyway.

Tim said...

Van Zan: Wasn't the "Nemesis" of Nemesis technically a Reman? But yes, that similarity also bothered me a bit. I suppose they were trying to undo the damage that was Star Trek Nemesis.

(For the record, I used to work on Star Trek for many years. In licensing, publishing and the web site.)

JBW said...

This is why I've always said that I believe that time travel to the past is impossible, VZ. Just too many ways to fuck things up. That said, I thought that it was a pretty entertaining flick.

Van Zan said...


The Nemesis villain was a clone of Picard who identified with the Reman underclass (as I recall), so we take our pick as to what to call him.

You worked on Star Trek? That's really cool. Your midi-chlorian count must be exceptional.
"Publishing" as in the tie-in novels and other books?
I thought it interesting that this film got some inspiration from three of those novels. Although I haven't read any for years I remember two of the titles as being ones I once read.

Tim said...

VZ: You're right. I think Shinzon was raised on Remus, but technically human. I remember reading the original version of this script and being excited. The end result was something else. Let's just say the mood on set was not good. I heard and saw way too much!

Van Zan said...

Really? What caused the mood on set to be unhappy?
I didn't think Nemesis was a poor film... just average.

Tim said...

The director didn't really know anything about Star Trek, for starters. He's a highly talented editor, and a nice guy, but he really did not get along with the cast.

Opinions sway wildly between like and hate on this movie. I'm somewhere in the middle. The full-length 3 hour version needs to be released. (It was cut way down for final release.)