Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aussies Know How To Market Beer

Actually beer pretty much sells itself but with so many choices out there how do you distinguish your own brand? With hot topless chicks:

Skinny Blonde Beer comes from Australia and has a skinny blonde chick on the front of the bottle that, when the temperature gets hot enough, loses her top. And, to give you a demo of this model of modern boobosity, they have the six chicks in the picture above to provide NSFW examples. So, head over to the website (provided you're over 18, or under and don't mind sinning) and give it a go.
I always thought that the Coors labels that turn blue when the beer gets cold were pretty stupid and gimmicky but this company has finally utilized temperature sensitive label technology to improve the world. You can check out the site here.


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I almost didn't check out the skinny blond website cause I thought it was an attempt to get me to click onto Professor Douglas' deluded blog thus adding to his hitcount of shame. Alas. The lure of breasts was too strong to resist. You are still the master JBW.

JBW said...

If I could be the breast-master then I'd really have something, T101.

Kevin Robbins said...

Breasts and beer, always a winning combination. Quietmagpie has been holding out on us.

I really came over to thank you for sharing your wingnut with Reppy and me, JBW. Mongo is quite the little energizer bunny. Just wind him up.

Truth, if you can stand it, this thread is worth giving Douglas a hit. This guy Mongoose is as crazy as Grace Explosion, but even more entertaining. Double your money back if not satisfied.

I never did get anyone to tell me where neocons are on that political spectrum thing.

JBW said...

I can't lay ownership claims to Mongo exDLB but I will take credit for first recognizing his massive wingnut potential.

magpie said...

I actually didn't know about this. Perhaps I spend too much time worrying about what people get up to in your country.

I haven't tasted Blonde (beer) so I cannot vouch for its quality.

Excessive consumption of alcohol - usually beer - is a major social problem in Australia. We have exactly the right diabolical combination of machismo, peer pressure, hot dry weather and very good beer. And creative advertising.
Talking in extremis, there are remote outback towns - which are mostly or entirely populated by aborigines (indigenous Australians) - where there is sometimes complete and enforced prohibition, just so that people stay sober long enough to notice they have children to take care of.

Anonymous said...

Love the babes!

Kevin Robbins said...

Quietmagpie, I would think prohibition in these areas leads to a lot of home production. I have a friend that lives in India. He says the local people there make an alcoholic beverage with cashews. Necessity (or addiction) is the mother of invention.

magpie said...

ex DLB,
Normally I wouldn't argue with you but these shanty towns are in the middle of the biggest emptiest nowhere you can imagine in the inhabited world, and there is nothing to use to home brew.
For a real nihilist, it's paradise.

JBW said...

quietmagpie, I've heard the same things about indigenous tribes when I've visited Alaska. Alcohol is great but it can be abused like any other drug, legal or not.

Bob, thanks for the comment. I left a rather longer one back at your own site.

Tim said...

I just wish there was a great Aussie beer that I could count as one of my favorites. Now Aussie women, I know something about...nudge, nudge...

But JBW, beer and breasts just may be that proof of God's existence we search for. Maybe. If I were ever to write a treatise as such, I would use these as my first two "proofs." Or, three.

JBW said...

If breasts actually produced beer Tim, then I'd be apt to believe in an intelligent creator. Why we don't have geneticists in labs right now working on making this a reality I'll never know.