Monday, June 8, 2009

Petrin Tower Panorama

This is pretty cool:

Panoramic photographer Jeffrey Martin of 360 Cities took this 2 gigapixel panorama stitched together from "a few hundreds shots" taken with a camera with a 70 mm zoom lens, handheld from the windows of the Petrin Tower in Prague.

To get a full appreciation of the panorama, first zoom out by pressing CTRL on your keyboard, then zoom back in by pressing SHIFT
I've visited Prague but I didn't ascend this tower, probably because it costs money and I was backpacking on a shoestring budget. I did however eat at the largest Kentucky Fried Chicken I've ever seen. Twice. In one night.

I stumbled out of a club in a drunken stupor (absinthe is a very strong spirit) and walked into a KFC the size of an auditorium that was still open and incredibly busy despite it being 3 o'clock in the morning (I love Europe). I bought my meal, ate it and had taken about five steps out the front door before realizing that I was still hungry and that the Czechs fry up some damn good chicken. So I turned around, went back inside and ate another whole meal. Then I bribed an off-duty taxi driver to take me back to my hostel because I was impossibly lost, spoke no Czech and could barely stand. And yes, the shoestring budget included absinthe and fried chicken. When you travel on the cheap you have to prioritize. Nazdravi!

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Tim said...

These are cool. I used to do this (take the shots at least) of the sets for the Star Trek shows Voyager and Enterprise for virtual spins. (You can see them here. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the related link for the spin.)

Prague is one of my favorite cities. After LA, most beautiful women ever.