Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Futuristic Movie Timeline

Cinematicly showing you where we've been and where we're headed. I've always wondered what Soylent Green tastes like but before I find out I'm looking forward to seeing Robocop on a Mattel hoverboard. The future will be amazing indeed.



magpie said...

Logan's Run was actually set in the 23rd century, not 2500. The voice over at the start begins " Sometime in the 23rd century..."

The film is very different from the novel (that's set early in the 22nd century). I read my copy when I was about twelve (some of the content went over my head) and I believe it's out of print now. I've never been able to find the two sequels.
A remake has is in the works, but it will probably be the 23rd century by the time it ever gets made.

JBW said...

I'll take your word for it, quietmagpie. I only remember bits and pieces from watching it as a kid, and I've never encountered the book.

one L bill said...

I need to see Idiocracy.

JBW said...

Idiocracy was really good, one L. Cinematically it's no Planet of the Apes but if dumb people drive you crazy it'll be right up your alley.

magpie said...

Speaking of Planet of the Apes, the film series contains a interesting timeline ambiguity, which has thrown up suggestions that each film does not represent a linear continuation but parallel universes.
Some dialogue in the fifth film directly infer this.
Taylor's (Heston) space ship lands in future Earth year 3975, Brent's (Franciscus) spaceship lands later but the chronometer says 3955. This date is verified by Zira (the female chimp and mother of the leader of the ape revolution ) in the third film, whereas the fourth film has her saying 3950. In the first two films the space agency is called ANSA. In the later films it is NASA.
Simple continuity problems perhaps but there are also swaths of contradictory detail between films about how much the apes really knew or did not know about the human civilisation that preceded theirs.
Marvel Comics played with these themes when they adapted the concept in the 1970s.

Burton could have made a better film than he did ( I was so dissappointed..), but I think the richness of the originals made for a very big mountain to climb.