Sunday, June 28, 2009

American Power And The Descent Into Madness

Wow, where to begin? And I don't ask that seemingly innocuous question rhetorically. I'm actually pondering exactly how I should address the latest screed belched forth from a man who nonchalantly left some fairly sane observations and comments on my site a scant eight months ago. Regular readers will of course be familiar with my recent blogging feud with one Donald Douglas, PhD from the neoconservative blog American Power. Full disclosure: I know that many of you do not read Don's blog regularly and are decidedly not political junkies of the caliber that myself and many other regular commenters on this site are, so please bear with me as I address this latest round of accusations and half truths aimed at besmirching my good name (well, as good as that name gets, anyway).

This is the exact point in one of his latest posts "Democratic Epic Moral Fail!" where he attacks me personally (Don is pushing fifty if I remember correctly, so please excuse his obvious pentagenarian attempt to sound "hip and with it" by coopting the online verbiage I used in the title of my post "American Power And Republican Humor Fail"; can one person use exclamation marks so often that they actually become a verbal and mental crutch?):

And what does Brain Rage have to say about Trig Palin? It's all at the blog:
There's nothing worse than an ugly baby....
And about Trig's mother, Governor Palin?
... an incurious dullard.
A Downs child? An "ugly baby."
Now anyone who knows me well knows that my youngest little sister has Down Syndrome. In fact, I stated as much in my post on the subject of Trig Palin's supposed "ghoulshopping", and Don has undoubtedly read and absorbed this fact as well. So now please allow me to reproduce the obvious back and forth between myself and frequent Brain Rage commenter ex DLB that Don references:
ex DLB said...To be perfectly fair, Eddie Burke was probably just as ugly as a baby.

JBW said...There's nothing worse than an ugly baby, ex DLB.
Decide for yourselves: Am I actually attacking a mentally handicapped child or am I making a somewhat dickish remark regarding right-wing radio host Eddie Burke's theoretical, tubby infantile visage? And yes it's true, I have referred to Palin in the past as an "incurious dullard" but to be fair I've also referred to George W. Bush in the same manner, and they're both supposedly rational adults who can (debatably) refute such disparaging remarks as to their mentally diminished capacities. Nevertheless, Don then continues his incoherent tirade:
Repsac3 and James "Barebacker" Webb are not some fringe contingents of the Democratic Party. These people ARE the Democratic majority. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO!!
Despite Don's breathless protestations and bold-faced capitalizations, I've stated many times on this blog that I am not a Democrat (as has repsac3 in various other forums not cited here) and I have personally taken Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to task for being spineless bureaucratic pussies countless times, but these are verifiable facts that can be researched fairly easily so Don can obviously be excused for not being bothered with them. But wait, the neocon derangement gets a whole lot more entertaining as we undauntedly press on:
Even this morning, James "Barebacker" Webb has a post up saying it's all a joke, and that American Power has suffered a "Humor Fail."

Actually, the post in question
wasn't comedy. My parody was only half in jest, as anyone familiar with the left's secular demonology knows.

Besides, we can just appeal to the marketplace of ideas to see who's really epic fail here.

Let's compare: Here's my
traffic report for last week:

Here's James Webb's traffic report for last week:

So, my friends. There you have it. James B. Webb. Total. Epic. Moral. Fail.
First, his stating that his post is only half in jest just makes it twice as not funny (and also twice as inaccurate) as I'd previously characterized it. Sorry, Don.

And so my friends there you have it, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. I'm a moral failure because I have less Internet traffic than Don. By this same logic, American Idol is inherently an infinitely better intellectual offering than PBS's Masterpiece Theatre because obviously only smart and extremely well-read people ever watch or read anything on television or online, ever, ever, ever. The marketplace of ideas has spoken and obviously I've failed to...wait a minute. Didn't this same "marketplace of ideas" also speak voluminously in the last election? I'm sure that it did, and so thusly it declared that Barack Obama was obviously the best and most smartest candidate to ever run for president because he got the mostest votes ever. Right? Don? Hello? Cupcake?

Yes, yes, I know: I could point out that the number of people who view your blog everyday (or even vote for you as president of the United States) has absolutely nothing to do with your inherent morality or self-worth or intellectual capacity, or even your total lack thereof but I'd hate to burst Don's self-inflated worldview bubble (the man has children, and making him suicidal would benefit nobody, other than the whole of human consciousness, free-thought and the funeral industry, of course). And I'm being totally serious here (I know, I don't like it either and it won't last long), does anyone else find this whole "inflated sense of self-worth through Internet traffic and penis measuring thing" just a wee bit sad and pathetic? And by "sad and pathetic" I mean " completely and totally disconnected from the real world and everything that realm holds important and sacred"? We've all seen the ends that these means can lead to, of course. Fair warning, people...


Kevin Robbins said...

You know they say that if you get into the mud with pigs you get dirty and then you can't put lipstick on them, or something.

Anyway, be careful. The same thing might happen if you get into the crazy with crazies. Glad to see from the photo that Don is seeking help, though.

repsac3 said...

I bet Lipless McCain's hit stat dick is way bigger'n Don's. I wonder if he feels all inadequate in the con locker room, and showers alone, so no one sees...

Already a better reply than the one I may or may not write later on, James Biterius... (which this post'll no doubt play a part in, if I do.) I raise my OJ in your direction.

(No, my dick is not named OJ... We've had enough of those barebacker jokes already, big boy. People will talk.)

Dave the Longwinded said...

You know, I'm a college instructor by trade, I'm registered as an Independent, and hold a slightly Libertarian bent. I would love to see how he responds to students who write work Don doesn't like from a political standpoint.

His language on his blog with respect to certain topics could be called borderline unethical for a college prof. If you disagree with gay rights/marriage, yay for you. But to use it as a slur against opponents would really make some of my superiors take notice in a way that Don wouldn't like. And some of them hold definite conservative leanings.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The simple fact about the blogworld is that is infested with right wing extremist nuts. Whenever a new one starts up they post one of the usual half witted insults on my site or Shaw's Progressive Eruptions and within 12 hours they have fifty followers.

I know these people are wacky, but as a confirmed Democratic Party hack, I can admire their loyalty.

I know you know this already my friend. One regular with a few good ideas and a belief system based on truth and not misleading, feel good bullshit talking points. is worth a hundred blind followers of Professor Donald Douglas.

Continued success to you JBW. For what it's worth, you're still the best blogger I've read...

JBW said...

Thanks for the encouragement and words of warning, fellas. I see that Don's already fired off a few new volleys today. *Sigh* A godless nihilist's work is never done...