Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4th Is Megan Fox Media Blackout Day

What exactly the fuck do these obvious homosexuals think they're doing?:

A dozen male-focused Web sites including AOL's men's lifestyle/humor site Asylum.com — as well as Ask Men, Just a Guy Thing and Double Viking — have sanctioned Aug. 4 as a Megan Fox media blackout day.

Why the diss? All the editors feel the starlet has become a bit too overexposed — and they're not just talking about her fashion sense. Fox has appeared on the covers of Esquire, Empire, Maxim, GQ UK, Entertainment Weekly and Elle this year alone, plus she did heavy press for her role as Mikaela Banes in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

"You can have too much of a good thing," says AskMen.com's Editor-in-Chief James Bassil, who tells us, "We're joining in the media blackout and giving our readers a one-day reprieve from the woman we've been drowning in all summer." Jokes Doug Sheckler of on205th.com: "She needs to do more to earn our undying praise and affection. For instance, she hasn't even returned any of my calls this year asking for a date. What's up with that?"

“Enough is enough already!” men’s website Double Viking said on its website. “Yes, Megan Fox is banging. Yes Megan Fox is delicious. Yes Megan Fox farts rainbows. But seriously, enough is enough!”
You can say what you will about unauthorized wiretapping of United States citizens, free speech zones for law-abiding protesters, government sanctioned torture of terror suspects and vegetarian hamburgers on restaurant menus but this has to be one of the most un-American things I've ever heard of. Enough is never enough! Here at Brain Rage I don't bow down to the whims of the corporate controlled, male-oriented Interwebs so please enjoy an extra large helping of Megan on me ("Megan on me": Jesus, I wish...). Oh, and make sure you bury that gym sock at the bottom of the laundry hamper when you're finished. You're welcome.

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magpie said...

And then they said "....So we're all in your laundry, JBW, but where did you say your hamper was...?"