Saturday, August 1, 2009

American Power And Erin Andrews

To all of my politically conscious regular readers: What do you think about my conservative counterpart Donald Douglas' recent obsession/"hit count experiment" regarding the whole Erin Andrews Peeping Tom controversy? I'm personally of the opinion that anybody should be free to post about anything they choose on their own site and that the masses will speak for themselves as far as continuing to read your stuff but that's just me. Of course, that might also devalue anything else you have to say on any other subject in the future because you will now be viewed as an ethics-less attention whore but that's the risk you run by posting prurient content in order to increase your admittedly meager blog traffic (see: Rule 5 blogging).

I've tried on more than one occasion to leave a comment at the last post he put up about the supposed "flame war" he's been experiencing but apparently he either has decided that he won't accept comments negative to himself or else he just doesn't like me anymore *sniff*. Any thoughts? Were I further trained in the psychological arts I might try to break the man down at some point but as my own training is in anthropology and conservative hacks/blowhards are a dime a dozen these days I fear that my own analytical skills might be lacking. Any substantive hypothesises would be well appreciated, and also probably damn entertaining. Please indulge me.


magpie said...

Well my opinion of the professor has been getting incrementally lower as time goes by, and I no longer go to his site much, even out of morbid curiosity. I can't believe I actually berated someone for calling him a scumbag (or words to similar effect) once. Habit of fairness I guess.

American Power is monetized isn't it?
If you're peddling porn you're a businessman. If you peddle prostitutes you're a pimp.
If you're making money off lures to peeping tom vids... then I guess you're something else.
Not sure of the term really...

Of course I'm sure he feels it's all for the greater cause.
That being to promote all that is ugly and destructive about America, crap all over all that is great and noble about America, ignore inconvenient realities, and treat everyone who does not share his views (99% of the planet) as if they were comic book nasties.

On the other hand...through AmPow, I found Brain Rage...et al.
So even tawdry propagandists have indirect value sometimes.

one L bill said...

My formal training as an architect actually lends itself very directly to psychology and sociology. However, I don't that I've read more than a couple posts (comments, blogs or otherwise) by the man, so I can't help you jostle him into response.

On the other hand, I know exactly how to push your buttons... but maybe that's not as big a secret.

one L bill said...

PS. I love the subtle irony in your use of Erin Andrews' sex appeal to spice up your own front page a little bit, while attributing it to the Donald.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The Donald has suffered immeasurably since he banned me. He was totally impotent in fighting my intellectual superiority. (How does one argue against being a shithead?)

Without me, he had no choice but to go porn. If you're going to spend the hours working on ablog as he does, you want more than six people looking at it.

Tim said...

It seems we've all but abandoned the Donald for various reasons. Personally, I find him an intellectual fraud and a poor writer. Not to mention his blatant hypocrisy. Nothing personal, mind you. But why should I traffic a site that is so poorly conceived and executed, and followed basically by some of the most uneducated people I've had the displeasure of reading! Several of his own commenters, who Donald continually praises, are Birthers, i.e. idiots. So, do the math. I eventually got so frustrated when one of his more level-headed posters, "Rusty," started in on the hate for Obama and how he is bending over for Islam when he stated that "We are not at war with Islam." If this intellectual turd had any knowledge of history, he would have known that Bush said the very same words too.

Sometimes I feel we give American Power (the very name of this blog, I feel, is fascistic in nature) too much power. Bottom line, I truly feel that American Power is a waste of time.

Kevin Robbins said...

Poor Donnie, where do you go when you've become too scummy even for your fellow neocons?