Saturday, August 1, 2009

Democratic Weiner Calls Republicans Pussies

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) proposes an amendment banning government run health care (Medicare) and double-dares Republican congressmen to vote for it. Of course, nobody does:

Republicans blasted his amendment as a "political farce", although I'd more accurately describe it as an "hypocrisy indicator". Weiner had this to say later on MSNBC:

Well, for some reason, I guess Republicans don’t like publicly funded, publicly administered health plans except for Medicare, and, I guess, except for the Veterans Administration and except for the health care that our military gets from the Department of Defense. The fact of the matter is, what we’ve learned is that government administered health care works pretty darn well. It’s got lower overhead and people like it.

So, when my Republican colleagues pound the drum and pound the podium about how they hate government-run health care, I guess they haven’t looked at what they get.
I think that I can clarify this issue: Republican (and many Democrat; let's not lie here) politicians like getting generous campaign contributions from insurance providers and the private health care lobby but they also like keeping their jobs and being reelected by their lower to middle class/senior citizen constituents. Hence, they decry government run health care and even use words like "Socialism" to describe it when it's politically expedient yet they quickly lose the courage of their faux convictions when it comes time to take a principled stand for what they supposedly believe.

This debate has exposed many pols from both parties as unprincipled pussies willing to say anything to retain their cushy (and might I add, fully covered health care) civil service jobs at the expense of the American taxpayer. And I become just a bit more cynical, and I open my second bottle of Chardonnay...

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Leslie Parsley said...

I love this guy. What balls. What moxie. Had to listen to it twice. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.