Friday, November 6, 2009

Carrie Prejean Has Her Sexy Film Debut

Remember how she became a right-wing victim/martyr when she was so discriminated against because of her views against gay marriage and totally not because she violated the terms of her pageant contract? Ahem:

The sudden end to a legal battle between dethroned Miss California USA Carrie Prejean and pageant officials was prompted by the revelation of a "sex tape," according to a source familiar with the lawsuits' settlement.

Prejean was fired in June after lingerie-modeling photos of her emerged that pageant officials said were a breach of her contract. Prejean sued the pageant in August, arguing her firing was religious discrimination because of her opposition to same-sex marriage.

Pageant officials countersued last month, demanding their former beauty queen repay $5,200 in pageant money spent for her breast implants and give them all proceeds from a book she's written.

A settlement of both lawsuits was signed in New York Tuesday, but no details were made public. Lawyers and parties for each side were bound by a confidentiality pledge, according to the source.

The veil of secrecy was partially lifted Wednesday after celebrity gossip Web site TMZ reported the deal was sealed after pageant lawyers presented an "extremely graphic" home video involving Prejean.

TMZ Managing Editor Harvey Levin said during a webcast Wednesday that he obtained the Prejean video during the summer, but found it "too racy" to post on his site. He indicated Prejean was alone in the video.

You have to love traditional conservative values. I for one refuse to believe that this disgusting tape exists until I've seen it for myself. In private. Many times.


one L said...

I think the most bothersome part of the whole deal is the implants. Did she get these afterwards? I hope so. Otherwise the judges might as well be voting on the prettiest woman that modern plastic surgery can put together for us.

Pageants are a colossal waste of time.

JBW said...

The Miss California people actually bought the implants for her so that she could make a run at Miss America. I'm not sure where I stand on plastic surgery in contests like these (it's akin to steroids in baseball) but I do agree that pageants are a waste of time, especially the talent and question and answer portions.

And before anyone calls me sexist I also say the exact same thing about interviewing pro athletes. Shake your ass or catch a ball all you want but don't expect me to give a damn about what you think or say, that's not why I'm watching.

Dave the Longwinded said...

In this day and age, wasn't this inevitable?

JBW said...

Dave, long time no comment. And yes it is, although I'm still amazed (and happy) that so many chicks let themselves be filmed doing the nasty in the age of the Internet.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I personally am offended by Ms. Prejeans video. I don't care how many times I watch it. I find nothing about redeeming. I will continue to watch it however, just in case.

JBW said...

Your sense of societal duty impresses us all, T101. Keep up the good work.

Rusty Walker said...

Carrie got caught being a normal, healthy, sexy American girl. No one, in today’s critical and judgmental environment, can afford to make a misstep, misspeak, shoot a private video and expect it to be contained, without fierce outrage from the frustrated masses, and the press pouncing for a story and ratings!

“Shake your ass or catch a ball all you want but don't expect me to give a damn about what you think or say, that's not why I'm watching.”

Exactly. Somewhere along the line sex goddesses, sports heroes and Hollywood stars bought into their own press and suddenly became experts in political commentary. When we agree with them…then, we think they are savvy, when we don’t, well, I still watch their movies and such…but, don’t you wish they would shut the f*ck up.

The Original David said...


I've been studiously avoiding the Nutty Professor's site ever since he went to his ad-based format. I'd hate to think that I'm contributing a nickle to his sad little life. But this news just forced me to look.

He's oddly equivocal. My guess is that the inhabitants of Right Wingnutistan will continue to embrace her as long as she continues to publicly hate the right people. As many a Senator, Congressman, Governor and Evangelist has shown, it's not how you conduct your personal life that matters to the "value voters"; it's who you hate and how loudly you proclaim your hatred for them.

This is the same basic thinking that underlies the Chickenhawk culture that you also posted on recently. It's not about whether you're willing to serve or to sacrifice; it's all about how vigorously you advocate for the service and sacrifice of others.

You see the same thing when second-rate intellects like Dick Armey (who recently claimed that Larry Summers is not a real economist) and the Nutty Prof. himself go on and on about the dangers of socialism and government even though they have had their own lips firmly locked on the public teat for the entirety of their adult lives.

Hypocrisy is not the exception with moralist extremists; it's the rule. To be fair, there is a lot of it to be found in Left Wingnutistan as well. Al Gore's energy sucking mansion and Michael Moore's (net worth ~$25M) constant railing about the evil rich come quickly to mind. But on the Right side, being revealed as a massive fraud seems to cause the "base" to rally around you.

There have been some interesting research findings in psychology recently that showed that for "conservatives", being confronted with evidence contrary to their prior beliefs actually increased the strength on their prior convictions. Apparently they're inverse Bayesians.

It explains a lot.

The Original David said...

We'll see how this plays out today across the netroots. Ms. Prejean warns that nothing is private. "People are still digging up things from my past."

I think that what she's telling us here is that there is more dirt to come.

None of my girl friends has ever sent me a video of them rubbing one out for my enjoyment. I think that I should date more Christian girls. Clearly they're a freaky bunch.

JBW said...

I agree that most famous people don't know shit about shit Rusty but I do make exceptions for those who have clearly done their homework, whether I agree with them or not. I'm sure my own formal education in politics is no better than theirs, they just have a bigger soapbox than I do.

Dave the Longwinded said...

JBW, I've been hanging around, but haven't taken the time to comment. Working on a PhD, so I don't have time for much. It's been a while since I updated my blog.

Once she took up position as some sort of conservative spokesmodel, I KNEW this story was headed in this direction. Once the racier photos became public, there had to be a tape in there somewhere.

I might be shortchanging her, but I would bet she never once seriously considered the question of same-sex marriage before Perez Hilton asked her about it on national television. And, I'm willing to bet even more that she aligned herself with conservatives because they welcomed her as a socially pariah-ed martyr hated by "The Left." Had the politics been inverted, my guess is she would have bolted for MSNBC instead of FOX.

Or, maybe I'm just a cynical independent.

Rusty Walker said...

Hah! Yea, good point. Homework is what we are all should be trying to do! I wish more politicians and news anchors would do some extended research, and comparative history, as well.