Thursday, November 19, 2009

TDS: The Rogue Warrior

Jon Stewart explores why the left totally hates Sarah Palin and must therefore destroy her:

[Update: These two Palin supporters perfectly exemplify the art of mindlessly spouting talking points even in the face of contradicting truth and reality:



guitarguy81 said...

To be fair JBW, don't you think there is enough of these idiots going around on both sides of the isle?

I am glad you brought this up because there is a larger, more sinister side to this issue of blatant ignorance of the basic knowledge of the major political issues facing Americans.

It is unfortunate, but I have a feeling that major corporate TV and radio networks are complicit in deliberately avoiding a conversation and debate on the issues and concerns that really matter to the American people.

Consider the 2008 Presidential elections, where the primary focus seemed to consistently swerve away from the issues and instead focused on the personalities on both sides.

We are living a period where even one of the last remaining vestibules of a functioning democracy, where every person is truly equal (ie. the ballot box), is being compromised by corporate interests and deliberate disinformation campaigns.

guitarguy81 said...

guitarguy = CS (sorry JBW)!

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Society is driven by ravings. Anger and hate peak interest on both sides unfortunatly.

I got twice as much traffic at my blog when I was swearing at righties more.

magpie said...

One of the stock phrases of hardline conservative thinking is "equivalence". It's always used negatively.
They do not grant that opposing views (and by extension, other sovereignties, cultures, philosophies, lives) have any validity at any level. To them that's just "moral confusion".

My point is they will not grant liberalism, moderates or progressives one iota of the philosophical objectivity that you might grant them, in any spirit you might have of being fair. They'll take what you give them and clobber you with it.

Do not forget for a second that Palin publicly espoused the lie that Obama was connected to domestic terrorism, and sought to push that lie further than McCain's campaign was willing to go.

If 2008 was an emotion-based campaign... then it was Hope vs Fear and Unity vs Hate.

For his part, Obama did focus on the issues, comprehensively showed more understanding of them than McCain or (to laugh...) Palin.
And never attacked Palin directly.

It's not incumbent on anyone to cut the GOP a break. It's for them to re-establish their credibility and offer something of intellectual substance, and until they cut loose of the Palin diva freakshow they will not achieve that.

At best Palin is a stick in the paint tin of negative politics. She's there to stir up trouble and politicize the stupid. A cheap and, I suspect, ultimately expendable tool of GOP mendacity.

JBW said...

Well said, magpie. The way I see it, the Republicans will have to decide whether they are going to get back to sane conservative values or let the Palinista fearmongers take control of their party. One of these options will eventually lead them out of the wilderness, the other will lead them further towards Wingnutia.

Anonymous said...

How are we still talking about Sarah Palin?

JBW said...

Sadly, she's the best thing the right has right now one L, and the 24 hour cable outlets need to fill some time.