Monday, November 23, 2009

Kirk Cameron Celebrates Darwin Anniversary

I guess I'd consider doing this too if my crazy religious rantings couldn't stand up on their own merits:

Kirk Cameron, best known for his role in the 1980s sitcom Growing Pains, now spends much of his time advocating for far-right Christian evangelical causes.

In a video posted recently to YouTube, Cameron lays out a plan to subvert 'Darwin Day' on November 22, 2009 -- a date marking the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species." Cameron says that he and like-minded activists plan to deliver 50,000 copies of an altered version of Darwin's book to students at dozens of U.S. universities.

Cameron explains that this "very special" edition of the "Origin of Species" will include an introduction explaining "Adolf Hitler's undeniable connection" to the theory of evolution, and highlighting "Darwin's racism" and "his disdain for women." Cameron's edition also exposes the "many hoaxes" of evolutionary theory, while presenting a "balanced view of Creationism." (There's a pdf of this introduction here.)
They're able to do this because Darwin's book was written so long ago that it's now in the public domain. I'd say the best thing to do here would be to get one of their free books, tear out the first fifty pages and give a brand new copy of "Origin of Species" to a loved one. You can watch Cameron talking up his plan and hear about how oppressed Christians are in a country where over seventy five percent of the population is Christian here.

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Anonymous said...

I find 'Viewpoint Discrimination' to be an interesting turn of phrase. I was also greatly amused by the callous shill for money following the announcement that the book would be given away and Kirk Cameron's oh so 'patriotic' declaration of the rights of Americans.

They are entirely free to share their viewpoint with anyone they wish. Education is about the secular-ecumenical instillation of a respect of knowledge and the desire to know the truth in people of all faiths. The Roman Catholic Church accepts Darwin and Stephen Jay Gould as doctrinally sound. So does the LDS Church, even though many of its members ignore this.

Of course, I don't think Cameron considers Catholics or Mormons to be 'real Christians.'