Monday, March 10, 2008

Adolph O'Reilly

I assume that nobody reading this blog is a regular viewer of Bill O'Reilly and as the average viewer of his show is apparently 71 I doubt if many of them even know what a blog is. Regardless, I saw this and thought it was hilarious/disgusting (which pretty much sums up my opinion of the guy every time I see him):

I guess what bothers me more than anything else about this is that this guy has over a million viewers every night and I have to assume that the majority of them aren't like me and just watching for the laugh factor (if you got that pun you watch too much cable news). This is the first I've heard of Godwin's Law though. Interesting; I may have to invoke it in future political debates.


Anonymous said...

Back before they pulled our cable, one of my favorite things to do was to turn on O'Reilly before we had company over. Especially our more leftish friends. I found great joy in this.

After watching that montage, though, I think I would find great joy in watching his show. He's really just a series of bits. I read an article in the paper a year or two ago that said he was NEVER this conservative in the old days, and seemed to imply that he found a profitable schtick and ran with it. I think his shared shows with Colbert show some level of truth in that.

Extremists are entertaining.

JBW said...

I agree that it is entertaining but I also think that he and others like him (Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc.) lower the level of civil discourse in our society. They only get paid because they gin up hate and distrust of anyone with views that differ from them and their fans. I wouldn't even mind that aspect of their stardom except for some reason they are given legitamacy by the mainstream media. And I know, you can talk all you want about the "liberal bias" in the media (and there are numerous studies debunking this myth) but even if it were true, these people are way over the line with their hate filled invective.

Anonymous said...

Eh. Most of the people who live their lives by hanging on the words of these media memberswould just find somebody else to follow and somebone else to hate. The reason these people are successful is not because of the arguments they make, it's because of what lives inside of the people they speak to. How did that get there? Years of being crapped on in school, bad parents, whatever. They're going to find somebody to hate whether Limbaugh's telling them who it is or not.

JBW said...

Oh I agree, this country is full of small, hate-filled people. I would just rather not have them organized into a "Dittohead" or "Hannitized" army, complete with marching orders and voting instructions. It's like harnessing the power of the Nazis or something...oh crap, now I've done it. Damn.