Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Little Trees Live Again

From Neatorama:

Honestly, I’ve had a crush on Bob Ross ever since I was a little girl. It was something in the way he stroked the canvas and talked in that ever soothing voice about happy little trees and clouds. He mesmerized me in every way he could. Now he’s gone, and it becomes harder and harder to find his shows on TV. Even PBS seems to turn its back to the man who invented hotel room painting.

But we are in the internet age now and love everything retro. To my surprise and disbelief I found a Bob Ross channel on Yubby.com dedicated to Bob Ross and filled with all sorts of his happy little videos. Finally there is bliss in my life again. Even more important: I found a great video collection to fall asleep to!

I used to watch this guy all the time as a kid. He painted beautiful landscapes with a minimum of effort and his voice was indeed more soothing than watching the Golf Channel; you can watch his old shows here.


AmPowerBlog said...

"As a kid..."

Are you still "a kid," Brainrage?!!!

JBW said...

Don, as with so many of your comments as of late, I'm more than a bit confused. Here are my quandaries:

1) yes, I am still a kid in the sense that I have never felt like an adult, thus far in my life.

2) I watched Ross when I was a lot younger and when he was a lot more alive, hence the "as a kid" statement.

3) What the fuck? Was that an attempt at some kind of dig, or insult? And you do know that my name isn't "Brainrage", right? It isn't even "Brain Rage", which would be even halfway acceptable because this is how it's written in my header. My name is James, or even JBW, if you please. Are you feeling me, Americanpower, sir?

I can't tell if these recent abnormalities in your typing are due to tea bag fever, your rapidly advancing age, or a little bit of both. Regardless, try to sort some of this shit out before you go all old man McCain or Jacobson on me, alright chief? Wow...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link, JBW. I never watched Bob Ross much. I went over there, though, and he almost convinced me that I could paint. Went and read his wikipedia bio, it sounds like he was as nice a guy off-screen as well. Too bad he died so young. Being a 51 year old kid, 52 sounds a lot younger than it used to. In fact, 52 comes in a few weeks.

JBW said...

Ross convinced me that I could paint too DLB but it turns out that he was a fucking liar. Pre-happy birthday wishes to you.

Unknown said...

I watched this guy too! Ouch to old Donald, JBW. Feeling a little upset.

JBW said...

Trust me sis, Don has a whole host of issues to work through. The inane comments are of the least concern.