Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quote For The Day

"The notion that there is anyone of significance on the American left who still believes in anything approaching genuine socialism is pure fantasy. That debate, to the extent it ever really happened in this country, was settled a long time ago. What we're dealing with right now are differences of opinion regarding how best to manage the failure of a number of major companies. It's not a debate about socialism vs. capitalism; it's a debate about methods of damage control. But many conservatives have so deluded themselves with their own propaganda that they're not even capable of following the conversation any more. So instead they spend all day indulging in paranoid delusions and debates that have no relevance to current events. It's a sad spectacle." -The Anonymous Liberal

I highly encourage you to read the entire post. This kind of common sense analysis is needed to counter the hysterical and incessant cacophony of the wingnut right during these trying times.


Van Zan said...

I read the whole post. More polite than I am.

Four years ago the Right owned the world. Civil liberties were being made redundant, diplomacy was simply a matter of "do what America says", Cheney was happy that people were being tortured, religious fundamentalism was informing social policy, a completely unnecessary war was being raged, and the Admin's fat cat friends were profiting....

Now it's all come down like a pack of cards and of course it had to: nothing so corrupt, so stupid, so cruel, so narrow-minded, so self-satisfied as the Bush Cheney regime could go on without some kind of implosion. The innate sense of justice in the American people as a whole could not let it go past without protest.

You look at that travesty of a budget proposal that the GOP came up with and shudder:
I mean... imagine if they'd actually got into power with the economy at this precipice.... The global system would have gone off a cliff by now.

Capitalism - which you support, I support, Obama supports, liberals support, progressives support, libertarians believe in and which even the neocons support - would be like a race horse with four broken legs. It'd be in ruins.
It would still be trumpeted of course, but what's left of it would be a farce.

And the thundering hypocrisy of these hard-line conservative wankers... every little nuance of the Obama admin - which is still just a few months old - being denounced as "socialism" which for them means "communism" which for them means "evil anti-Christ degenerate blah blah blah" spouting baseless verbal vomit over the likes of Fox News ... meanwhile promoting Miss Golly Gosh Brain Fade from Alaska for 2012.

I just wonder sometimes... how much of this is theater? Do they really believe all this crap?
Are they really that STUPID??? Or do they just depend on other people being that stupid?

JBW said...

I've always maintained that the real party leaders on the right don't really believe most of the garbage they spew VZ but merely pretend to in order to keep their neoconservative/religious base on their side.

They usually do this by drumming up support for incendiary social issues like gay marriage, abortion, flag burning, etc. but now that the economy has become such a serious issue people are finally starting to wonder "what's the matter with Kansas?" and as you say, the house of cards has fallen.

AmPowerBlog said...

JBW! Actually, I saw Anonymous Liberal at your post first. I owe you a hat tip ... didn't want to embarrass you along with that other dwid. No socialism? Give me a break.

JBW said...

I think I've given you plenty of breaks already Don, and I would think that intentionally not attributing the hat tip to yours truly would be more embarrassing for yourself (see my post from this morning).