Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michael Savage Is An Old, Old White Man

Yet he's still one of the most popular right-wing talk radio hosts in the country, and one suspects that it's partly because of statements like this:

While I'm neither married nor a Christian, I am white and heterosexual (I'd like to sound like a pussy-magnet sex-machine and say that I'm more heterosexual than white but dude, I'm Irish. I love the Sun but the Sun hates me. What's a Caucasian to do?). Does that make me the epitome of half of everything that's right with America? Or am I the epitome of everything that's right with America only half of the time? I have a feeling that Savage would dispute the extent of my halfness in either of these situations. I also have a feeling that Savage is a racist, douchebag dinosaur and that very few decent people will mourn his eventual passing from this mortal coil.



Kevin Robbins said...

Savage was my favorite wingnut for awhile. That's a nice clip. So, Obama is disassembling the nation in front of the eyes of people who are in a coma. Not sure how that works. I suppose it doesn't matter.

He's another narcissist who insists on being addressed as doctor.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I got banned from his show before Professor Douglas banned me.

JBW said...

Savage is an old male Yenta ex DLB, whatever the Yiddish word for that is.

Somehow that doesn't surprise me, T101.

Tim said...

Can I just go on the record and say that every 60s hippie is today a right-wing nutcase like Savage. Seriously, the hippies all talk like this now. I know, I've seen it in my own family. I never generalize, ever, or exaggerate, but this is the mind of an ex-hippie!

magpie said...

Ah yes...
The type of Right wing nut that believe himself to be macho and full of self-determination - so is therefore helpless and caged.
Complains about self-interested minorities and then defines himself as one.
"oh my gosh, it's not enough to be male and white and go to church? I actually have to do worthwhile things to make my way in this country? I know who's fault THAT is... it's all those people who whine for handouts without having done anything worthwhile!"

What? no woman in America has ever done something great?

Leslie Parsley said...

I'm a 60s hippie and I still have several friends I knew back in that era. Not one of us has turned tail and gone republican, much less, rabid right.

JBW said...

I think that may have been Tim generalizing or exaggerating, PP. Good on ya for keeping it real.

Tim said...

Addendum: I'm always right, and I never lie.

Actually, Savage does follow what happens to a certain percentage of ex-hippies. They believed what they did in the day, but only because they were swept along by the tide of change and freedom.