Wednesday, July 1, 2009

American Power And Hate Monkeys

Yes, yes, I know, I know but I just couldn't help myself. Or rather my conservative counterpart Donald Douglas of American Power just couldn't help himself by letting me have the last word, as he proclaims in his new hilariously titled post "Attack of the Leftist Hate Monkeys!":

I thought James B. Webb was a beaten man by now. But no, he's back with another depraved smear against me, "American Power Powers Down."

Actually, I didn't "power down." It was James B. Webb who was down for the count (after the brutal pounding he took in the last round). He's back up, in any case; but I'm not in the mood to deal with this sick little boy right now...

It's too bad James and his leftist friends have stooped to such a low level. But being conservative doesn't mean having to cave to these idiots.
Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed Don's newest favorite, homo-fanatical term "Barebacker" has now been replaced by my regular middle initial (I'm still going to call you "Don", Don), presumably because the right-wing post he quotes actually decries "low-level name-calling" (you'll notice however that I'm still a "sick little boy" and an "idiot"; are you sure he owns a thesaurus, Tim?). And "another depraved smear"? The absolute worst thing I said about him is that he's "intellectually dishonest". This unnecessarily high level of hyperbole goes a long way towards explaining the whole "They're trying to destroy Sarah Palin and her family!" hysteria though, doesn't it?

And oh yes Don, an especially brutal pounding was when you unleashed this predominantly monosyllabic string of capital letters and exclamation points in your previous last words to me in my comment section:
Hey, if it helps you get 200 hits a day, so be it. MORAL. EPIC. FAIL.

Does anyone else find it a bit disturbing, or at least slightly bewildering, that Don equivocates one's level of morality with how many Sitemeter hits they have on their blog? I only ask because Don has made it quite clear in the past that he considers friend of this blog Andrew Sullivan a morally degenerate, AIDS-ridden faggot (I'm paraphrasing Don's rantings, of course) yet the guy gets over 200,000 hits a day. Looks like his massive hit-count cock dwarfs us both. Moral epic victory for Sullivan then, eh Don?

Or perhaps just more transparent neoconservative hypocrisy. Hey, as Master Enforcer for the Annihilation of Non-Hypocrisy I'm uniquely qualified to make this judgement. Keep up that good wingnut crazy, buttercup. It's pure gold.


JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I wonder what nerve TAO and I touched to make the Nutty Professor ban us and not you JBW. You were giving this joker hell long before I showed up and long after I graciously accepted my banishment.

(The next part of this comment has been removed by the author. But goddamn it was funny.)

Kevin Robbins said...

Damn dirty apes! Nice photoshop, JBW. It was a photoshop, wasn't it?

Green Eagle said...

Have you seen his latest scholarly analysis of your work? An excerpt:

"But if he's looking for serious trouble, he'll need to get real personal and kick me to the curb like a man - put up or shut up!)"

I love it- slouching behind his keyboard in his junior college office, hurling threats like some 1930's tough guy in a bar fight. Well, I guess that's all it takes to be a conservative intellectual.

JBW said...

I just don't know what I have to do to get banned over there, T101 (not that I'm trying, this is more funny and entertaining than anything else).

I even told him to ban me in my comment section the other day, yet he's already written another long screed about my "denial" (it ain't just a pathological condition in Egypt). And he was working on it before I put up this monkey post.

I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy. He's coming off as really obsessive and crazy and none of his regular readers (many of whom I know don't like me) are commenting.

It's getting kind of sad, yet I don't want to let up on him because he keeps lying and mischaracterizing everything I've said (the "you're gay" stuff is just par for the course at this point). As I've said, I have a problem letting an insult or argument go unanswered.

So, what do you guys think I should do? Keep pushing him to see what happens or just let it go and let him think he's won? I'm considering both at this point.

BD said...

JBW - i took another spin on Donny's site and even went so far as to comment. Seems he doesn't like me as I can't find my amazingly eloquent words anywhere, but his site confuses me, so maybe I'm not looking in the right place. I must admit, and I really do mean this, his blog shows me that blogging isn't necessarily easy. So thanks for making yours readily consumable.

As for the 'debate' between you and don-don, I know I'm waaaay biased, but it really feels like he's complaining like Anna (for other readers, she's 2 years old). I say keep it up. In my missing comment on his site i asked that he focus more on politics, as I would personally love to really see why he thinks Rush and Palin are right and Obama is wrong. I'm not holding my breath. Mostly because doing so makes drinking beer more difficult.

Stogie said...

How cool a Photoshop -- it shows JBW beating up Donald Douglas.

It seems Donald called JBW a "two-bit whore" and JBW hit him over the head with a sack of quarters. Ouch!

repsac3 said...


(All that Stogie's comment was missing was the rimshot. After that, it was the stage hook, for him... Now bring on the strippers!! I hear Miss GottaLotta does a bit where she shoots a banana across the room, and... ...well, you have to see it to believe it.)

JBW said...

He really is starting to sound a bit whiny and petulant, isn't he BD? Your own biases aside, I was actually waiting for someone besides the crew who usually populates Don's site regularly to speak up.

Even when I was sure that I'm right on this, Don's own pathology actually made me question myself for a second. I guess that's what they call staying on message.

Thanks for the compliment as well. Hope your ladies (complaining or not) are doing well.

JBW said...

Glad you liked the photoshop, Stogie. Thanks for stopping by!

JBW said...

Dibs on the banana, Reppy.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Donald is digging his hole of foolishness each time he types a new post. I find it incredibly entertaining. Keep it up Brother.

A note to Professor Douglas if I may.
Professor: I have been in more than a few physical altercations in my life. I won't claim to be a tough guy because I lost way more of them than I won. A common physical characteristic of the guys that served me a can of whoop ass was not their size or they knew karate or something. They all had eyes like JBW's.

I know you have an extreme dislike for me and my beliefs. That doesn't mean I want anything bad to happen to you. I do wish you well and congratulate you fro your success Professor. But hit count doesn't mean you're a great blogger. It can also mean you either are a porno site. Or you do a good job pandering to a group of deluded fools that log on to your site 20 to 30 times a day to read your latest piece of drivel.

James B. Webb is far and a way the superior intellect and blogger.

JBW said...

My intellect and my eyes thank you as always for the compliments T101 but I've decided to end this now pointless endeavour if Don does the same. Sorry...