Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kristen Gets Cast In Spitzervision

The photo above is of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, also known as "Kristen", in St. Tropez last year (and something tells me she didn't pay for the plane ticket herself). In case you've been under a rock for the last week, she's the prostitute that Eliot Spitzer has been spending time with when he wasn't busy prosecuting people for soliciting prostitutes in the state of New York.

As I stated in a previous post, I have no problem with prostitution or the people who engage in it on either side of the transaction. So why the picture of Kristen? Because Conan O'Brien did a bit on his show the other day where he reveals the cast of NBC's upcoming TV movie about the scandal (made up of course) and I saw a legitimate excuse to put a picture of a hot-ass prostitute in a bikini on my blog. So there she is. Enjoy:

[Update: Kristen resigns! That's right; she's stepping down as a representative of the Emperor's Club. Just found this exclusive video of her press conference:

I had no idea what a blumpkin was either. Good luck getting one of those for free.]


Doug"e" said...

Hey JBW if the heavens parted and the stars aligned just right so you could spend a night experiencing some of "Kristen's" charms, would that be enough to make you believe there was a "GOD"?

Unknown said...

Define "the heavens". doug "e" has overstated. Apparently, a simple couple of thousand dollars will allow one to experience "Kristen's" charms. Aligning the stars & etc wouldn't be necessary. And,..., what if there are more than one god? Would it then be necessary to experience "kristen's" charms more than once, or more than one "Kristen"? Just thought I'd ask?

JBW said...

Since I happen to know that neither one of you believe in "God" I'd say the point is moot. However if there were a god, I'd like to think that she'd have a body just like that one. Of course from what I've seen, "God" seems to need more than just a few thousand dollars and he seems to need this cash constantly, regardless of how much he's already gotten. Either god has one hell of a gambling problem or just maybe we're all being lied to. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Where to begin.

1. You're mistaken, God doesn't need the money. but if you've ever watched one of those specials on countries where the people where Buffalo Bill Super Bowl Champion t-shirts, you know full well that THEY need the money.

2. Don't count Reed out. He hates the church... and people in the church. I've never heard him rail on a particular deity. Though I've never heard an endorsement either... except the one time that I think he and Jenny were proclaiming to be somewhat buddhist, since you had said something about it.

3. Have you seen Ashley Youmans without the shades? It's remarkable how much she'll remind you of any girl you met at A&M. When you assign the price tag it kind of seems crazy.

4. Sadly, I knew what a blumpkin was because of the afternoon radio show that I listen to. Between 2:50-3:20, weekdays, I learn about lots of different things that I have no business knowing about. The blumpkin, for one, the Boston Pancake, for another.

5. You know full well that God does not have a body like hers. Don't be ridiculous, James:

JBW said...

1. As I've never heard god say that he didn't need money but have heard almost everyone who professes to speak for him say that he does, then either he doesn't exist and they are obviously liars or he does and he allows these people to say these things in his name (I assume he gets his cut through an account in the Caymans or something).

2. Admittedly I took some liberty with Reed's beliefs. I put the word god in quotes to refer to the Christian god because I indeed know that he has no love for that church. I did try to be Buddhist as well but I've found that there is exactly as much scientific evidence for that as for any other religion: zero.

3. Agreed on Ashley. She's very pretty but not nearly inhumanly so and at the risk of sounding pompous, I've had prettier and it only cost me dinner and drinks.

4.You're breadth of knowledge is quite impressive. I've always been a fan of the donkey punch myself.

5. That's proof I can't dispute. But try telling the rest of America that god is Canadian and see how far that gets you.

Doug"e" said...

"Ode to Mr. Spitzer"
Poor Eliot, dude used to be known as the "Gov."
a rich guy lookin for some strange love.
When he ran into this smokin Hottie
wearing a Chanel bikini sittin on a yacht see.
I understand that you're a girl for hire.
Please don't tell me that you're wear'in a wire.
Spending some time with you sure'd be nice,
Oh by the way, What's the going price?
Four K for an hour or so sounds cool.
Money's no object to this horny old fool.
Said "Kristen" I'm glad that you came,
And oh by the way what's your name?
Damn your booty sure looks fine!, but just refer to me as number nine.
You see I'm just a regular kind of family guy,
So can we just keep this on the sly.
Please don't say anything about this tryst,
Cuz I wouldn't want to end up on some kind of list.
A moment or two of pleasure is all I seek.
( little did he know that soon to the media this would leak.)
To some guys this all seems like harmless fun,
But beware when cock'in a loaded gun.
To the men who hold positions of power,
Be careful when dealing with the sweet LOTUS FLOWER.
You see it's really hard to save your face,
when you fall to earth from the public's grace.
Try think'in with what's between your ears,
or end up on the front pages like Britney Spears.
Now because he bonked this "Bimbo",
his marriage and career are in limbo.
All the while she's party'in in the South of France,
with the thousands he paid to get in her pants.
So on to the moral of this story.
If you seek the power and the glory,
Don't be messin wit No bitches, that turn out to be F.B.I. snitches.