Sunday, September 7, 2008

O'Reilly Interviews Obama

This gasbag has been whining for the last nine months about the man coming on his show but I assume that he'll just find something else to whine about now that he has. I thought this first part went well as the questions focused solely on actual issues even if they were only about foreign policy and our military presence around the world but I fear that the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (he's really trying to get as much juice out of this as he can, huh?) segments will devolve into the type of character assassination of anything left fodder that Fox News has made it's stock and trade. I guess we'll just have to wait and see; here's part one:

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Jeremy said...

First off, I love Bill O's style of interviewing. No wonder I suddenly recalled memories of getting bullied on the playground when i was younger. lol
Secondly, I do think Obama handled himself quite well in his demeanor. Even though it appeared at times as if he was having a conversation with a drunk man who just doesn't seem to posses the ability to listen.

As far as what was said about Barrack's plan on how to handle the Mideast, I can understand why he would need to be a bit elusive in his response. Obviously it would be moronic to publicize specific military strategies. Yet, I do still question his real opinion concerning foreign policy. Simply because of his limited hands-on experience in dealing with irrational dictators. ( I've heard they can be quite fickle.)

Then again, if America does happen to find ourselves in a situation like 911 , odds are , if President, he wouldn't try to shift blame from the real culprits by pointing his finger at an opponant that better fits his own parties agenda. I mean that is so over done now-a-days. (daddy bush)

Tell me again why we surged into Iraq and not Saudi Arabia or Iran? Two countries that blatantly seemed to be more responsible. The only explanation that I can see is that all the "experience" with foreign relations the Bush family has accumulated over the last 2 1/2 decades seemed to skew their perspective in a manner in which scares me.
So by that theory, it might prove beneficial to lean on the side of inexperience. Take a flier on the rookie, as they say.

-nice clip JBW can't wait for the rest.