Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome To The PalinDrome

Sarah Palin's blog; warning: this blog contains extremely inane and ill-informed opinions about things and issues most other Americans have gathered knowledge about in their spare time not working cushy government jobs (ps- spelling counts):

But to help with the foreign stuff, they made me some really great flashcards about friend VS. enemy countries. The pictures of animals are the best part. Almost every country has a traditional animal mascot, a lot like sports teams. You probably already knew that America is an eagle, but did you know that England is a friendly lion (kinda like Aslan), Russia is a bear, and Iran is a scorpion with the head of a goat??

Anyways, finding out that Russia (also known as the Soviet's Union) is a "bear" made me think that hey, wait a sec, maybe i AM kinda ready for this foreign policy thing! I might not have gone on alot of trips away from alaska or talked to to very many foreigners (unless you count liberels!) but i have a heck of a lot of experience dealing with BEARS. one of the parts of my job that i am most proud of is that I have led the fight in Alaska against polar bears. The Interior Department (aka Big Government) tried to tell us alaskans that polar bears are an "endangered species" because of something called "global warming." Um, hey guys, have you BEEN to Alaska? It's cold as heck! anyway, I sued them and basically said "Until you can prove that this global warming stuff is actually science (aka never), then let us do what we want with our bears."

The McCain campaign is teaching her foreign policy using flashcards with animals on them to help her remember the countries, she thinks the "Soviet's Union" still exists, and she refutes global warming by looking out her window; this combined with her "lead[ing] the fight against polar bears" and all, she seems to be gift-wrapped for Stephen Colbert, no? Now I don't blame Sarah Palin for being such an unprepared dunce running for the vice-presidency; this whole debacle is clearly evidence of John McCain's poor executive skills, picking a running mate after meeting with her only once and sending his staffers to vet her the day before he announced it. This kind of ill-informed, gut reaction decision making does not a thoughtful, fully prepared president make.

[Update: The Wired.com article Palin links to from her own blog in the outtake above directly refutes her assertions about the polar bear population using the testimony of one of the world's foremost experts in the field. It's like these guys don't expect anyone to follow up on any of the things they say; the hubris is unfathomable.]

[Update II: It turns out that this is a satirical work of fiction; I sort of suspected as much just because it's so monumentally badly written but in my defense, she has said some pretty stupid shit over the last week. It's still very funny though.

(hat tip: PK)]

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the spelling and related errors, myself, coming from a journalism major.