Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something Someone Else Said

"Every single human being has the right to a fair trial and to be treate d humanely by their captors. John McCain, of all people, should understand this. He was a prisoner of war. On the one fundamental issue that his entire campaign is centered around - the character-building experience of his POW stint - he gets it wrong.America cannot be a shining beacon of light in the world when we condone policies of treating our enemies with the same standards as the Viet Cong treated their enemies.Every criminal, no matter how heinous their crimes, deserves humane treatment and a fair and expedient trial. Period. That is a fundamental human right.

When you're giving the central speech of your party's convention, to make a joke out of it makes a joke out of me. Not just as a (former) Republican, but as an American.This morning, I donated $250 to Barack Obama's campaign." -A former Republican, in an email sent to the political blog Political Base

If you have the time I highly encourage you to read the entire post. Through my job in the service industry I have the opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversations of many people and lately those discussions have overwhelmingly been about the presidential race and just as often as they are discussing serious policy issues people are also engaging in discussions about just the kind of personal attacks addressed in this person's email. Not decrying those personal attacks but rather propagating them. As the McCain campaign has shown and even publicly stated, they intend to make this race about personalities, not the issues. This tactic may help them win this election but it does a definite disservice to the American people.


Blog of Innocence said...

The Republican circus has no ground to stand on and that's why they resort to attacking personalities. No much has changed since high school.

Jeremy said...

Lethe, I hope all is well with you and yours, this article just got me thinking....
It is funny to me how cliches sometimes actually hold a ton of truth and explains a situation perfectly.

Well I still do think that "everyone DOES really love a circus."

Hell I was president of my high school. It was easy to get elected. It didn't matter what good i had to offer my fellow students. It only mattered that I dated the head cheerleader and that everyone in the school believed the rumor I started about my opponent that she was a lesbian devil worshiper a week before the election.

And the scariest part for me was that no matter how unbelievable my slander campaign was, it still got me elected. IT STILL F*CK*NG worked.

P.s. Is that your drawing Lethe? I like it.

Blog of Innocence said...

Yes, that's my drawing. And your depiction of high school drama is pitch-perfect.