Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes, I've declared such a temporary action with American Power in the face of the obviously slanderous and insultingly desperate graphic displayed above; first, my lunge:

Marx brothers, huh? Up before his speech is even over; classy in defeat, Don. Actions like that have convinced me that you guys deserved to lose this one. We'll do better.
Then, Don's riposte:
He gave a good speech, as good as ever. I don't think even Lincoln was as talented, at least not for the modern media.

I'm taking a few days off. The Marx Bros are temporary, reflecting my anger at the gullibility of the people. You and yours have been given great responsibility. Don't sell out American values and security for ideological nirvanna...
The gullibility of the people aside, don't worry, Don; I don't sell out. I love my country and would never do anything to weaken or degrade her on the world stage. The Bush era will soon be over; I assume you'll be back well before that date. Trust me, the responsibility of cleaning up your mess has not been lost on "me and mine"; and American values and security are foremost on my mind every day. It's one of the many complex burdens that will need to be faced by an Obama administration; the Republican party created this mess but we're going to clean it up.

Yes. We. Can.


AmPowerBlog said...

Just came over to wish you congratulations on an Obama victory. Wasn't expecting a post on my post.

I'm not as gracious in defeat as John McCain, but Barack Obama won big and made history, and that is good for the American democracy.

His ideological agenda is not, at least if he goes as far to the left as the netroots left wants him to. That is the challenge: moderation and pragmatism in a nation still divided over basic values, as we saw in the state voting on gay marriage, etc.

Best wishes...

JBW said...

That's big of you, Don; there's the class I chided you for lacking in my comments at your place.

As I also wrote at American Power, I truly believe that Obama's first term will be centrist and fairly conservative; he's not the radical you and others on the right believe him to be, nor is he even as liberal as many on the left would like to believe.

We'll find out in due time; and of course, I have hope. Enjoy your break.