Friday, April 17, 2009

Truth For Tea Baggers

From The Swash Zone:

Our current national debt is currently $11 trillion dollars. Deficit spending by three, successive Republican administrations accounts for $9 trillion of the total … a whopping 82%. Yet, Republicans want to pin their transgressions on Democrats, and specifically the Obama administration, in an attempt to derail important legislation designed to fix our economy.
As I've said before, this tea party "movement" has no intellectually honest objectives or goals beyond giving pissed off conservatives a public forum made up of like-minded people for venting their anger and frustration over losing the last two elections. These people don't represent America but rather a howling minority that seems intent on vilifying the Obama administration's every word and deed for the next 4-8 years. I'd like to think that this group will eventually run out of steam at some point but hate mixed with ignorance can be a potent fuel.


Unknown said...

Yeah, spoken like a californian. from danville. how's that state doing anyway? bankrupt? people moving to my state in droves? illegal aliens. hmmmm.

But I'm sure that doesn't phase a hippie.

Tim said...

This was the same exact derangement the right inflicted upon the 8 years of Clinton. Totally and utterly delusional.

And I hate it when these twats call us bad names too. Really pisses me off.

JBW said...

bluepitbull, you obviously took the time to read my Goggle bio (I assume that you found me via The Red Head's site) but couldn't be troubled to read the two sentences describing me under the picture of my pretty face at the top of my own site. Otherwise, you would have learned that I grew up in Texas the same as yourself. I'm neither Californian, nor Danvillian, I just live in both. And if you knew me (thankfully, you do not and more thankfully, I do not know you) you'd know that I'm one of the farthest things from a hippie that could ever exist. Don't sweat it though, when I had long hair in college at Texas A&M many militaristic rednecks called me hippie and they were all just as smart as you appear after a cursory reading of your blog.

Regardless, do you think that people are moving to Texas to be closer to reactionary right-wing douchebags like yourself? People like yourself are one of the reasons I left that state, just as hippies are one of the reasons I don't live in San Francisco: you're both fringe groups trying to force your deluded ideologies on the mainstream of America.

Good luck with the tea bagging though (I assume that you're into that whole ball gargling thing) and I'll look for you and your family on the next episode of COPS. Take care.

TAO said...

I doubt bluepitbull attended a Tea Bag party....neither did his soulmate The Wordsmith.

Eight Years of Bushmastic and how is that border with Mexico developing? Illegals still an issue...

Eight years of Bushmastic and hows that balanced budget going?

Eight years of Bushmastic and we have a Homeland Security Department that considers fringe groups extremists and an NSA that spies on Americans...protectors of our civil rights, like bluepitbull, should be up in arms but they aren't.

They will say that they had 'issues' with Bush...but realisstically their only issue is that he is no longer President.

Being in the minority sucks doesn't it bluepitbull?

Unknown said...

Nah, it's your failed state thats driving people out. High taxes, no real representation, illegal aliens displacing natives in so cal, water diverted to swimming pools in hollywood from nor cal. But sure, think whatever you want. When you come off your trip, Jerry Garcia won't be there to hold you.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Tough luck JBW. Looks like the right wing hecklers abandoned me and latched on to you. The big hit count was making my head swell up anyway.

JBW said...

Oh yeah, nobody wants to live in California, guy. All this sunshine and world-class wine and cannabis is really distracting me from the golf, surfing and snow boarding. If only I lived in a town with an old fort and a riverwalk, now that's civilization.

It seems that defending you is infectious, T101. At least this one seems more entertaining than smart. If he comes up with anything better than Cali-bashing maybe I'll reconsider that assessment but I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Do you think after Texas secedes, and the flow of federal dollars to their impoverished state dries up, they'll STFU?

A NYer supporting
your ass, BPB

Unknown said...


IF we decided to secede, I'm sure that all of the major corps will stay here.

Smoke ALL you want. Just don't blame me for your lung cancer. Defend against me all you want, you are in small, small company. BTW, california sucks and you cant even get a competent governor.

I also doubt you have an education past high school, certainly not a good school like A&M. There are community colleges all around though. You can get a degree in sociology, although I'm pretty sure the field is saturated in your state.

T101 is a nobody, so is Tao, so please keep trying.

Anonymous said...


Do you have anything with any substance to say? I mean you just keep moaning how horribale ca is and accusing people of barley making it out of high school. I guess Berkley, Stanford and UCLA don't meet up to redneck standards.

JBW said...

Vanessa, people like bluepitbull tear down others because they're unhappy with their own lives and shortcomings, making him a classic self-loather personality.

You can tell these people by the nature of their insults. He accuses me of not being educated and then writes as if he dropped out of tenth grade. If he starts insisting that I'm gay or casting aspersions towards the size of my dick, you'll know why.

At least if you don't take these guys seriously they can be fairly entertaining. I'm sure he'll come back with some choice bon mots quite soon. Stay tuned.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...


Try the asshole at the address above if you dare JBW. But be warned Amigo. Pitbull is a third grader compared to this guy.

TAO said...

Personally I think Bluepitbull likes tagging along with Truth, JBW, and others because it makes him feel like he is in the big league!

I just love how he has to mention me at least once a week...must be haunting him!

Poor little fella....

one L bill said...

There's a guy in my office who's pretty staunchly conservative and incredibly ambiguously gay. (He does have a wife and kid, so no announcements are likely to be forthcoming.) Anyway, he had been asking some folks if they were attending tea parties, so I asked him the next day if he went to one of his own. His response? "I sent a virtual teabag."


JBW said...

Guy looks like a grade-A moron, T101. I'd rather not attract his attention, thanks.

I read an interesting interview last night about the origins of the mainstreaming of the term "teabagging", one L.

JBW said...

Oh, Senor Badass is the guy I was asking about. OK, it's still funny but now it makes more sense.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Please accept my thanks for supporting the effort to counteract the Tea Bagger disinformation campaign. There is a Monday update here.