Monday, February 8, 2010

Picture Of The Day

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's left hand, during her recent keynote speech at the first Tea Bagger convention in Nashville, TN, in which she referred to President Obama as a “guy with a teleprompter”. It says:

  • "Energy"
  • "Budget [crossed out] (Cuts)"
  • "Tax"
  • "Lift American spirits"
  • Apparently the notes weren't for her speech for which she used prepared remarks but rather the question and answer session that followed, when she was glancing at them. These are supposedly her core ideological principles, and she had to write them on her damn hand. If you support this woman for national office I automatically dismiss your political arguments out of hand (pun intended) at this point.

    [Update: I didn't notice it at first but she's wearing a POW/MIA bracelet with her son Track's name on it, although he's neither a prisoner of war nor is he missing in action. Do you suppose she just doesn't know what those bracelets are for or is this a strategy of switching out the youngest son for the oldest son as a political prop? I wouldn't put either possibility past her.]


    sk2steps said...

    Really? And you have no problem with the Commander-in-Chief referring to Corpsman as corpse-man twice at the Prayer Breakfast? Maybe next time he'll write on his hand!

    JBW said...

    As someone who speaks English as a first language I have a problem with anyone mispronouncing words sk2steps, however it's still less egregious than having to write down basic principles that one supposedly believes in so as not to forget them.

    My hair is a bird...

    KA said...

    No one is perfect and everyone will pronounce something incorrectly at some point. However, there is a far difference from an incorrect pronunciation of a word that one infrequently uses or forgetting one alleged "core tenets."

    Pamela Zydel said...

    James: Personally I have no problem with people pronouncing a few words incorrectly as we are all human and have all done so on occasion. [If you heard me say “Apocalypse” you’d think I didn’t graduate!] I like Palin, but I’m not a Palin cult-follower and I don’t think she should run for President, so with that being said—I don’t think it’s a big deal that she scrawled a few words on her hand to remind herself of the main points she wanted to make. It’s not something I would’ve done since I prefer “note cards”. I think this whole “bashing” Obama for his teleprompter usage and “bashing” Palin for her edgy speech is getting really old and I’d much rather tackle the real problems facing our country. Although I have to admit, the “gaffes” do give us something to blog about!

    As far as the MIA/POW bracelet is concerned, I wear an ALS bracelet and I don’t have ALS, thank goodness, but my sister-in-law did and consequently died from it 4 years ago. So maybe Palin knows someone who was MIA/POW and is wearing it for THAT person. I don’t ever question why someone wears those bracelets because we have no idea who they represent.

    P. S. You have a nice blog, James.

    JBW said...

    I was being a bit facetious by decrying any English mispronunciations Pamela and I have no problem with public speakers using teleprompters or note cards (or their hands for that matter) but a Republican writing "tax cuts" on her hand is the equivalent of an English professor writing "adjective", "noun" and "verb" on her hand before a lecture. I'm all for tackling the real problems facing our country but I just don't think that Palin adds anything substantive to the discussion.

    As to the POW/MIA bracelet, I can tell you that they're usually worn to honor the memory of the missing person who's name is written on them (Palin's has the name of her son Track written on it). Now maybe there are other reasons for wearing a bracelet that resembles the POW/MIA type but her history of using her youngest son as a political stage prop makes me question her motives.

    Thank you for the bloggy compliment.

    Pamela Zydel said...

    James: I went back and reread your post--my bad--the blonde must've been really coming through when I read it the first time! I stand corrected therefore I have NO logical explanation why Palin would wear a MIA/POW bracelet with her son's name on it considering he isn't either.

    I like your analogy of an English Professor scrawling "adjective, "noun", and "verb" on the palm of his hand, that would be a sight! And I think I'd have to take my kid out of THAT college and enroll him elsewhere! LOL!

    JBW said...

    No worries, Pamela. I'm blond myself sometimes.

    magpie said...

    "My name is Blonde. James Blonde"

    JBW said...

    BAduh-baDAH! (Insert cleverest Pussy Galore reference here)

    Doug"e" said...

    UPDATE. As much as I detest the incompetent Sarah Palin and what she is trying to do the country, we have to cut her some slack on this bracelet thing. It turns out to be legit. The company that produces these things even made one for Joe Biden, whose son is also on active duty.

    JBW said...

    Word, Doug"e". I'm all about full-disclosure. I formally apologize for vilifying her on that count. My bad.